BioShock Fans Should Keep an Eye on These Two Upcoming Games

Highlights The next entry in the BioShock series remains shrouded in mystery, with little revealed about its connection to the previous games, setting, or gameplay. While the BioShock trilogy is influential and iconic, several games aim to provide a similar experience, such as Clockwork Revolution and Judas. Clockwork Revolution, with its steampunk 1920s atmosphere and time travel mechanics, has the potential to be a spiritual successor to BioShock Infinite. Judas, another title developed by former BioShock creator Ken Levine, offers a similar world-building and gameplay experience to BioShock.

News about the next entry in the much-beloved BioShock series has been slow-going. Cloud Chamber is set to develop the game, but very little has been revealed with regard to how the next game will connect to the greater series, where it will be set, or what the gameplay will be like. There have been rumors about the next BioShock game, but even its exact title has yet to be unveiled, leaving it shrouded in mystery.

Although the last game in the series was released over a decade ago, the BioShock trilogy remains one of the most influential and iconic IPs in gaming. Countless big-budget and indie titles have tried to replicate the same thick atmosphere, political commentary, and emergent gameplay systems of the best-selling series over the years, and a number of great games have emerged as a result. The BioShock franchise was characterized by its unique science-fiction world and environmental storytelling to such a degree that it has almost birthed its own sub-genre of FPS, one that is heavily centered on single-player, narrative-driven content – an evolution of seminal titles like Deus Ex and System Shock. BioShock still holds up against modern FPS titles, but there are some games on the horizon that are ostensibly aiming to provide a BioShock-like experience, and any fans of the series should certainly keep them in mind.

Clockwork Revolution Has Heavy BioShock Infinite Vibes clockwork revolution bioshock comparison

Fans of the third entry in the BioShock franchise should pay special attention to Clockwork Revolution, a new title from developer inXile entertainment. Taking place in a world laden with steampunk 1920s atmosphere, the parallels between it and BioShock Infinite should be immediately apparent. Coming out sometime in 2024, it’s likely to hit shelves before BioShock 4, which could make it the perfect tool to scratch that itch.

There’s a good chance that Clockwork Revolution could compete with BioShock 4 in a number of different arenas. One of the crowning achievements of BioShock Infinite was its beautifully designed world, but the game is over ten years old now, and Clockwork Revolution is serving up a similar style with modern graphics and other technical capabilities. On top of this, it looks to be taking a unique approach to gameplay, with time travel mechanics that appear to function on both a micro and a macro scale. If Clockwork Revolution can stick the landing, it might just be something of a spiritual successor to BioShock Infinite.

Judas is the Latest from Former BioShock Developer Ken Levine judas main character

Time will tell how close Clockwork Revolution comes to hitting the mark, but fans can also bet on Judas to provide a BioShock-like experience. Judas can be viewed as BioShock’s direct competitor in some ways, mainly due to the fact that it is being developed by Ghost Story Games, formerly known as Irrational Games – the studio behind the original BioShock trilogy. Helmed by series creator Ken Levine, Judas takes place on a space station where, unsurprisingly, everything seems to have gone wrong. Based on the reveal trailer for the game, Judas will offer a combination of gunplay and superhuman powers, making the gameplay at least somewhat similar to BioShock. It looks like a premium is being placed on world-building, which is yet another similarity to the original series. As the next release from the creator of BioShock, Judas looks to be attempting a similar sort of experience. It’s a bit further away, with a planned release in 2025, but it’s still worth following.

The world of BioShock 4, despite the rumors, is still a mystery, and many fans of the series are itching for more games that follow the formula and hit the same notes as Ken Levine’s cerebral trilogy. Surpassing the original BioShock games is no easy feat, but Judas and Clockwork Revolution have a chance to be truly special experiences regardless of their influences.

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