Blackpink Lisa’s Remarkable Handbag Collection, Sneak Peek

Blackpink Lisa’s Remarkable Handbag Collection, Sneak Peek


Lalisa Manoban: Thai-born multihyphenate who rose to fame as a Blackpink member, K-pop cutie, and now Celine’s worldwide brand ambassador after being the first foreign trainee from YG Entertainment.



The premium fashion firm chose ‘Lisa,’ as she is known to her supporters, to represent the brand on the world stage. It may not come as a surprise to most fashion observers who have seen Celine’s penchant for dressing her up in its characteristic Parisian-cool ensembles over the last year.


Lisa, who has over 39.4 million Instagram followers as of press time, masters the art of seamless dressing, whether she’s dressed down in jeans and a T-shirt or dressed up in a glittering jacket or suit. Her pick of the most exquisite Celine purses anchors everything.

Here, we take a page from Lisa’s style playbook and look at some of the most desirable bags she’s ever carried. Hearts on your fingers.

BLACKPINK’s members all have incredible styles. And there’s one thing Lisa never forgets to wear to complete her sometimes outlandish outfits.



It’s a handbag, and Lisa has a plethora of them. In reality, it’s an extremely expensive collection. Celine’s purse, shown above, is valued at $4,550. And it’s not even the most expensive one she possesses. Here’s a glance at her collection, which includes a Hermes purse valued at $20,250.



When compared to labels like Saint Laurent, Chanel, and Dior, the Michael Kors purse she’s carrying is on the lower end of the pricing scale at $1,490.



The cheapest bag she owns is a $79 SAMO ONDOH backpack, which is still a lot of money for the ordinary person to spend on a bag.

And this isn’t even her whole collection, nor does it include fan presents. That’s easily $83,781 just for these bags. That’s more than enough money to astonish anyone.

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