BLACKPINK Member Jennie’s Guide To Make The Sweatpants Look Fashionable

BLACKPINK Member Jennie’s Guide To Make The Sweatpants Look Fashionable



Jennie from BLACKPINK has an unrivaled fashion sense, but she also wears a pair of soft sweatpants on a regular basis. Sweatpants are often used for a more casual appearance, but when Jennie wears them, they become the most trendy item!

Here are ten occasions Jennie has made a pair of sweatpants seem stylish:


1. Jennie’s appearance made the rounds on the internet.
Even though Jennie is wearing a basic white t-shirt and yellow trousers, she looks amazing!

2. Purple has never looked so good!
While Jennie looks great in anything, it’s easy to assume that her favorite hue is purple.

3. The ideal combo is Jennie and Adidas.
Jennie always looks fantastic in Adidas, as seen by her ensemble!

4. Everyone appreciates a decent pair of Nike sweatpants.
Jennie manages to make the garment appear as it came straight off the runway even in black and white.

5. Jennie seemed to be prepared to travel.
There’s a lot going on in this ensemble, yet it all comes together to create a lovely appearance. Jennie dresses up clothing with her hat and elegant blazer, despite the fact that it is casual.

6. I adore the top!
Jennie paired her neon blouse with a pair of cozy black sweatpants, and while the shirt is bright, it doesn’t outshine Jennie.

7. Monochrome with a pop of color
Jennie likes an all-black style with a splash of color here and there.

8. Beautiful and bright
Jennie wore a bright and informal attire instead of her usual all-black ensemble.

9. I adore this shade of blue.
A cropped hoodie is the perfect complement to a pair of sweatpants!

10. Comfy and stylish
Who says you can’t be both comfortable and fashionable? With this style, Jennie demonstrates that everything is possible.


Have a look at the pictures below:


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