Blackpink Planning For A Comeback: Check Our

Blackpink Planning For A Comeback: Check Our

Lisa has recently opened up on Blackpink making a comeback to the stage as a group again, and fans can’t wait to see them together, smashing the stage like rockstars again.

Recently Lisa was up for an interview with Zach Sang Show, where she was asked if she is currently focussing on a solo project or the team is planning to come back together. Dan asked, Are you guys working together right now or are you focused solely on Lisa?” this Lisa whispered and said, “We’re back together.” She added That’s like a secret. Yeah, we’re like [getting] together again.

Then Zach asked, Do you have any dream collaborations? I hate asking that question, but as I watch your solo art thrive and your sound obviously takes shape, there could be room for collaborations of any type, to this, she replied, I haven’t thought about it yet because I just finished my solo project. I think we need to come back together with BLACKPINK because fans are waiting. BLINKs are like, ‘When is the comeback gonna be?‘ as stated in Koreaboo.

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