The Perfect Alternative to Bloodborne Could Be Right Around The Corner

Highlights Bloodborne’s impact on the gaming industry is undeniable, influencing many titles that have come out since its release, showcasing its lasting influence. The upcoming game Lies of P draws inspiration from Bloodborne, with similar gameplay mechanics, difficulty, and a Gothic art style, but also incorporates its own unique elements, such as a steampunk-inspired design. While Lies of P can leverage the hunger of Bloodborne fans for a similar experience, it should also strive to establish its own identity and stand on its own, rather than being unfavorably compared to its predecessor.

2015’s Bloodborne is a bittersweet game for many FromSoftware fans. Released as a PS4 exclusive in the middle of that console’s lifecycle, it was the famed developer’s first spin-off from the Dark Souls series, offering a new world and fresh gameplay fundamentals within a similar framework. Bloodborne’s PS5 release or sequel is nowhere to be seen, but it has nonetheless made a massive impact, influencing a number of games coming out today.

Bloodborne captured the imagination of countless gamers, and helped further grow the popularity of FromSoftware as a studio. Taking place in Yharnam, a fictional Victorian-esque city, the game follows a player-created character as they embark on a quest to hunt humans who have been turned into beasts. That simple premise and the striking Gothic art style of the game are enough to get a player hooked, but the experience takes a turn into something that is altogether stranger, more baffling, and deeply thought-provoking, invoking Lovecraftian themes and imagery to tell a twisted, cerebral story. All that is to say that Bloodborne is more than just tough bosses and a spooky atmosphere, and the games industry hasn’t quite seen the likes of it since. However, that could be about to change with a soon-to-be-released title.

Lies of P Could Continue Bloodborne’s Legacy lies of p

Lies of P, releasing this September, wears its Bloodborne inspiration on its dark, tattered sleeve. An action-packed, mature spin on the classic tale of Pinocchio, Lies of P presents itself as a sort of darkened fairy tale, with as much blood and gore as wit and charm. Its Gothic architecture and moonlit streets are certainly reminiscent of Bloodborne, but the similarities go a bit deeper than that.

Mechanically, Lies of P is influenced by Bloodborne as well. The game’s weapon system is strikingly like Bloodborne’s, with the opening stage of the demo even offering the player the choice of three weapons in a very similar manner as the 2015 game. Like so many modern action titles, Lies of P follows in the footsteps of FromSoftware, with basic attacks, heavy attacks, and guards being linked to the shoulder buttons of the controller, which goes a long way toward making the moment-to-moment gameplay feel like Bloodborne.

Then, there is the difficulty. FromSoftware titles are known for being unforgiving, and Bloodborne is no exception. Lies of P is looking to replicate this as well, packing itself full of challenging boss encounters clearly drawing from Bloodborne’s toughest fights, connected by linear areas laden with crafty, brutal foot soldiers. Just like in Bloodborne, tutorialization looks to be taking a back seat, allowing players to figure many elements of the game out for themselves.

All this doesn’t mean that Lies of P won’t have its own identity, though. As previously mentioned, the premise of the game, at least at first glance, appears to be a departure from the typical FromSoftware approach, and is vastly different from Bloodborne’s. Aesthetic similarities are abundant, but Lies of P also has a more steampunk-inspired design, especially when it comes to many of the automaton NPCs and enemies, which stand in contrast to Bloodborne’s Lovecraftian horror elements.

It’s these differences that Lies of P would do well to focus on. Souls-like games are plentiful, but it’s hard to match what FromSoftware has achieved with its titles, and abject comparisons between Lies of P and Bloodborne could wind up being unfavorable for the former. It’s true that Bloodborne fans are hungry for something to fill the void of the original game, and Lies of P can leverage this to get its foot in the door, but it should also be sure to stand on its own.

Bloodborne is currently available on PS4.

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