Bold To Nude Makeup Looks To Copy From Blackpink Rose & Lisa

Bold To Nude Makeup Looks To Copy From Blackpink Rose & Lisa


The deadly mix of doe-like eyes, milky glass skin, and soft lips are prevalent in Korean cosmetics. However, in the K-pop world—particularly in music videos—these conventions are flipped on their heads to produce dramatic and brilliant aesthetics. Blackpink returned with a new single, ‘How You Like That,’ after a more than a year sabbatical, and their beautiful moments are double tap-worthy as always.



Glitter under eye:
The greatest way to spice up the drama is with a glitter eye, and applying it on the lower lash line like Rosé is a genuine shake-up. To make your own, rim the bottom lash line with thick glitter bits and bring it up and out to the edge. Make a cat eye on the top lid, ensuring that it is shaped upwards.



Eyebrow grazing bangs:
Bangs are a terrific method to update your appearance without sacrificing the length of your strands, whether blunt, side-swept, tousled, short, wispy, long, or bold. Lisa’s heavy smokey eye makeup was emphasized by her brow-grazing bangs that fell like wispy bits over her forehead.



Spidery lashes:
While you could use your mascara to smooth out clumps, K-pop singers are all about the mod style, which features thick, larger-than-life lashes. This helps your lashes pop out if you have shorter lashes. To get this look, line the top lash line with black eyeliner then smoke out brown eyeshadow on the bottom lash line like a reverse cat-eye.

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