Bomb Girl: Jisoo is chasing the Mid Week Blues in her Co-ord set!

Bomb Girl: Jisoo is chasing the Mid Week Blues in her Co-ord set!

26-year-old Jisoo is a South Korean Singer and Actress. She made her name popular in the early stages of her career by appearing in various advertisements. She debuted with ‘Blackpink’ in 2016 as one of the four founding members.

In recent times, new trends are being set up of wearing the Co-ord set. This was very popular in the ’90s and is brought back again in our culture all thanks to Jisoo. She is the one who can be said to be starting this trend again.

For all those who don’t know what a co-ord set is then it is Two pieces of the same fabric, same color, or same pattern which will create an attractive and Fashionable look of yours. The co-ord set is also known as “Deux Pieces” or “Twin Sets”.

Recent looks of Jisoo in her Co-ord set have set the stage and the internet on fire. Her fans are loving it and those who were still having doubts over her fashion choices, now have a different set of thinking. She is looking very pretty and her smile is just an ‘Icing on the Cake’.

Check out some pictures of Jisoo in Co-ord:

Blackpink's Jisoo loves black outfits

Blackpink Jisoo Dresses - blackpink reborn 2020

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