Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: 10 Things It Does Better Than Jet Set Radio

Highlights Bomb Rush Cyberfunk improves on the Jet Set Radio formula by introducing skateboarding alongside rollerblades, adding a touch of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series. The game introduces the ‘Slide’ mechanic, allowing players to seamlessly chain combos while moving between grind rails and other stage elements, enhancing the trick chaining experience. Unlike Jet Set Radio, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk features a more story-focused narrative, following protagonist Red as he joins the Bomb Rush Crew to find his missing head, with multiple cutscenes that draw players closer to the action.

When it comes to cult-classic video games, few titles are quite as beloved as the classic Sega Dreamcast game Jet Set Radio, and its Xbox sequel Jet Set Radio Future. Though the series has been dormant since its second title was released in 2002, it continues to endure in the memories of those who played them, thanks to its awesome cell-shaded style, and street-culture influences.

However, in 2023, fans of the cult franchise were treated to the release of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, a spiritual successor to the franchise, developed by Team Reptile. Now that the game has officially been released let’s take a look through some of the ways Bomb Rush Cyberfunk has taken the Jet Set Radio formula and improved on it! This game not only offers players the chance to ride around at high speeds on rollerblades but also allows them to make use of a skateboard, which helps to bring this game a little closer to the classic Tony Hawks Pro Skaterseries.

10 Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Features Skateboarding Bomb Rush Cyberfunk player character leans against walls with skateboard in shot

One of the elements that helped to make Jet Set Radio such a memorable title was the fact that each of its central characters utilized rollerblades to traverse the many stages of the game. Blazing through the streets of Tokyo-To was a simple thrill that Bomb Rush Cyberfunk easily capitalized on.

9 Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Makes Chaining Combos A Breeze Bomb Rush Cyberfunk playable characters

Part of what makes Jet Set Radio such an addictive game to return to is the fact that it allows players to chain together tricks, earn higher scores, and make themselves simply look awesome! Bomb Rush Cyberfunk improves the trick chaining by introducing the ‘Slide’ mechanic.

The ‘slide’ is an ingenious addition because it allows players to keep their combo chains together while moving between grind rails or other stage elements. This is a vast improvement from Jet Set Radio, as it means players never need to miss out on high scores simply because they ended up on an empty part of the map.

8 Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Features A Full Story Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Enemy characters in front of basketball hoop

While Jet Set Radio did feature a distinct world with its own power systems and lore, the game was never particularly focused on its story.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, on the other hand, is much more story-focused, with a narrative that follows protagonist Red as he joins the Bomb Rush Crew, in an attempt to hunt down his missing head. Though it is not the most groundbreaking story, the multiple cutscenes help to draw players closer to the action!

7 Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Features A More Expansive Soundtrack Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Playable character in New Amsterdam, blue skies above.

One of the most enduring aspects of the original Jet Set Radio, and its sequel, is its immense soundtrack, so this entry is not meant to disparage the original score from genius producer Hideki Naganuma.

The Bomb Rush Cyberfunk soundtrack features plenty of new tracks from the masterful Naganuma, alongside a whole array of tracks by new artists like 2 Mello, and Dom Mclennon. This helps to give the game a slightly more expansive sound!

6 Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Features Improved Grafitti Mechanics Bomb Rush Cyberfunk prtoagonist on cell phone in New Amsterdam with NPCs around

Tagging walls is one of the most central mechanics of the original Jet Set Radio, as a way for the player character to make their mark on the streets of Tokyo-To. However, in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, the tagging mechanic has been significantly spruced up.

The new tagging mechanic requires players to quickly flick the stick in specific directions to create a full shape. This helps to make the action feel more responsive and impactful. As well as this, there are far more distinct pieces that players can throw onto the walls, which leads to greater visual variety!

5 Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Allows Players To Use Parkour Bomb Rush Cyberfunk player character runs from enemy drone in New Amsterdam, blue skies above

Jet Set Radio is a game renowned for its sense of speed. However, because the game moves so quickly, some players can find themselves encountering trouble when it comes to lining up tricks. One way Bomb Rush Cyberfunk improves on this is by allowing players to disembark from their skates at any time.

This allows players to slow to a halt, to explore with a greater sense of control, while also allowing them a few extra ways to show off their skills. Players can go from grinding on rails one second to running along the sides of walls the next second!

4 Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Includes Bikes Bomb Rush Cyberfunk bike mechanic low angle blue skies

Perhaps equally as iconic as rollerblades and skateboards, within the world of extreme sports is biking, specifically BMX. Luckily, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is fully aware of this and allows players the chance to ride about the town on this two-wheeled vehicle.

When it comes to player expression, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk truly excels ahead of Jet Set Radio!

3 Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Has A Photo Mode Bomb Rush Cyberfunk character takes selfie on camera phone

Would Bomb Rush Cyberfunk really be a modern game if it didn’t allow players the chance to take photos while out and about, exploring the streets of New Amsterdam?

This game allows players to pull out their in-game phone at any point to check the map, check missions, and also take photos.

2 Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Is Multiplatform Bomb Rush Cyberfunk player grinds while free running, holding spray paint can

Unfortunately, though Jet Set Radio still remains a beloved franchise for many, it is actually very difficult to grab both the original game and its sequels, especially on modern platforms. While the original Jet Set Radio is available on Steam, it is not available on any other platform. And to make matters worse, the sequel Jet Set Radio Future is still stuck on the original Xbox, having never been re-released since 2001.

Luckily, those looking to experience some of the immense style of the Jet Set Radio series can rest assured that Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is available for multiple modern platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Steam!

1 Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Allows Free Play Bomb Rush Cyberfunk character performs tricks in the air

Though Bomb Rush Cyberfunk does not consist of a seamless open world, it does instead feature an adventure gameplay style that allows players to explore numerous stages, connected by a hub level, at their own pace.

This helps to set Bomb Rush Cyberfunk apart from the original Jet Set Radio. The original game played more like a traditional arcade game, with players tasked to perform certain objectives within a strict time limit. While this does help to make the gameplay exciting, many players find the time limits very constraining. Luckily, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk allows its players to explore at their own pace!

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is currently available for Nintendo Switch and is due for a September 1st release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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