Breakfast with you

Breakfast with you

When you meet the one for you, they are going to change your world in a multitude of ways – yet for me, one of my favorite, most simple things the one has changed for me is breakfast.

I was never one who woke up + looked forward to a variety of breakfast foods. In fact, the only breakfast-like thing that ever consistently caught my attention was coffee – unhealthy amounts at that. My typical morning used to be wake up, scroll through social media to see what was new, brush my teeth, barely brush my hair + run out the door with a cup of semi-cold coffee in my hand.

While that may sound like a typical morning for some people – for me, in my personal experience, I never felt like I had it together with that routine. I never understood, although I idolized them from a distance, people who could make a full meal in the morning, enjoy it and be where they need to be on time. It never seemed to fit into my plan + maybe a part of that was self-inflicted now that I look back on it.I always saw in Rom-Com’s the cute couples who met up for breakfast, having these unreal, delicious looking omelettes. Or the best of friends who had the most aesthetically pleasing mimosas + avocado toast. To myself, I thought “I just don’t get that.”

That is until I met my boyfriend, Joe. I never knew what appreciating a good cup of coffee was when I had it, I never had a “go to” breakfast meal, I never loved waking up on a Sunday morning, early enough to go enjoy a diner without the morning crowd. Breakfast quickly became my thing. Our thing. The thing I never made an effort to put into my schedule or seemed to care for prior is now something I would drop everything to go to or make with my best friend by my side. Until I met you, things felt rushed in the morning, I only looked forward to my daily dose of an average K-Cup coffee – I didn’t take the time to slow down + enjoy the little things in life – even if that was just a stack of pancakes. Now, I look forward to talking with you over coffee about our goals, our next travels, what may be stressing us + what we want to do with the rest of our day. I look forward to sitting down at a new breakfast spot, pretending to look at the menu as if I would get anything differing from what I order every other time we go out for breakfast. I even look forward to the weekends you work + deciding on what mixture of breakfast items I will making that morning. I never envisioned myself to be as motivated in the morning as I am with you.

When you meet the one for you, they are going to change your world in a multitude of ways. Suddenly, breakfast is my favorite part of each + every day.

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