British Photographer Captures Majestic Lions From Up Close (63 Pics)

British Photographer Captures Majestic Lions From Up Close (63 Pics)

Los Angeles-based British photographer Simon Needham opens up a stunning world of wildlife for us to enjoy from up close. The highlight of his work is the awe-inspiring portraits of lions from different angles that show their beauty and powerful presence. But most importantly, he shows the importance of these magnificent creatures as they are becoming a threatened species with only about 20,000 left in the wild.

The majestic animals that were once kings of the jungle are quietly disappearing at the hands of humans. There are half as many African lions as there were 25 years ago and they have made it into the list of species vulnerable to extinction, leaving it up to wildlife conservation organizations to determine their fate.

In case you needed a reminder of why lions rule the animal kingdom, dive into the incredible gallery of Needham’s photos, and don’t forget to upvote your favorites!

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Needham recently captured incredible shots of beautiful six-year-old Moya, who was showing off his fabulous and rare white mane, at South Africa’s Glen Garriff Conservation lion sanctuary. The rightfully boastful beast initially went viral on social media and then got picked up by mainstream media because of his unique hairstyle with the uncommon mutation.

On his Instagram post, the photographer shared that he is happy to be a part of “bringing well-deserved attention to a very worthy cause at GG Conservation Glen Garriff where they have 77 lions in their care.”

Needham began his career as a graphic designer and founded the successful award-winning advertising agency ATTIK with his university friend. After selling his business, he focused on following his passions for travel, directing, and photography. His photography work ranges from professional shootings for small and large brands and fine art to humanitarian and conservation photography for NGOs around the world. He has worked with One Heart Worldwide, GG Conservation, Development Media international, California Wildlife Center, Care for Wild, and Fundacion Natura Bolivia.

Besides doing conservation work and raising awareness about animals in danger by photographing them, Needham sells his prints and gives 50% of his profits back to sanctuaries he works for.

“Creating meaningful content and traveling around the world has been one of many benefits of shooting for NGOs and so far, I have worked with charities in Tanzania, Bolivia, Nepal, South Africa, and many others.” Needham told VoyageLA. “Working with charities has given me a chance to capture more ‘real life’ images and stories which has been a great experience so far and added a lot to my overall skill levels. I believe it’s my creative passion for what I do and my drive to create unique content that separates me from others.”

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