Buddhist Meditation for Beginners 20 Minutes

Buddhist Meditation for Beginners 20 Minutes

#Buddhist #Meditation #Beginners #Minutes

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Buddhist meditation for beginners and advanced. Ascend to higher levels of mind. Only 20 minutes. The secret is coming back everyday to meditate to this video.

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Cultivate peace and calm everyday with this meditation. Attain deep relaxation. Relieve yourself of stress, anxiety, fear and elevate your life towards peace and calm with daily meditation.

For the best experience adjust listening levels to that which is just audible, not too low, not too loud. Your sensory system will be optimized for a maximum feel-good experience.

The Buddha transformation is to signify your transition into higher level mind states, what we call meditation. Feel good and let the experience happen.

Blue Buddha Master Meditation by Soothing Sounds.

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