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Right now, it’s safe to say that most Call of Duty fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which promises to bring the series back to its roots with a shock-filled campaign, more realistic multiplayer, and the return of the fan favorite spec Ops mode. But while fans wait to get their hands on the next major entry in the series, they might want to seriously consider spending some time with the recently released Tawag ng Tanghalan Mobile, which is one of the better first-person experiences out there. mobile shooter available on Android or iOS devices.

Whether one loves the Tawag ng Tanghalan franchise or not, there is no denying the level of quality and wealth of content that the series consistently delivers. Call of Duty Mobile brings that design philosophy to the mobile space, giving Call of Duty fans plenty of content wrapped up in a package that works well with little hoop-jumping or other irritations that tend to plague in mobile games. Call of Duty Mobile recreates the Call of Duty console experience flawlessly, making it simple to join a party with friends and engage in voice chat. Shortly after downloading the game, Call of Duty Mobile players can play Nuketown matches with friends, with no technical issues or matchmaking problems to speak of.

Call of Duty Mobile makes playing with friends simple and painless, and that’s something that applies to other parts of the game as well. For example, players have a choice between a simple or advanced control scheme. The simple control scheme eliminates the need to press an extra button to shoot, so it automatically shoots when players aim at an enemy. While this may seem sacrilegious to hardcore Call of Duty fans or may make the game less fun, it’s actually a great way to overcome the limitations of phones and touchscreen controls. Usually when players aim at an enemy, they will still shoot, so removing the extra button presses won’t have a negative impact on the experience. Both control styles are fine, but we definitely recommend the simple control scheme.

Although the simple control scheme makes gunplay a lot easier, there are still some issues that developers need to fix regarding the controls of Call of Duty Mobile. We found throwing grenades accurately a struggle, especially in the heat of the action. Quickly switching to other weapons is also difficult, and the screen is generally cluttered with various buttons that players need to tap.

One thing that could let developers free the HUD would be controller support. Unfortunately, Call of Duty Mobile toyed with controller support, but it’s been removed from the game (or maybe it wasn’t implemented at all; there are conflicting reports and at the time we played the game, it definitely wasn’t. available). Call of Duty Mobile mouse and keyboard support is also technically possible, but we haven’t tested it. While some may feel that these additional controller options will give some players an unfair advantage, it seems unlikely, especially if one is using a simple control scheme. Ultimately, this just means fewer options for players, and so it’s a bit disappointing to see controller support removed.

Call of Duty Mobile’s controller support isn’t the only thing missing from the game. Call of Duty Mobile advertises three game modes on the home screen, but players can access only two, the standard multiplayer and battle royale modes. The third mode is something related to Zombies, but there is no indication of when fans can expect it to be added to the game. Call of Duty Mobile still has higher-quality content than one would normally expect from a mobile game, but it’s a little disappointing that the full experience isn’t available at launch.

call of duty mobile has increased rapidly

As far as the battle royale mode goes, the battle royale experience of Call of Duty Mobile is probably superior to the battle royale of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. One of the main reasons is that the map features accurate recreation of the popular Call of Duty multiplayer maps, which is something Black Ops 4’s Blackout battle royale mode promised to do but never quite delivered. An example is Nuketown, which looks almost identical to Call of Duty Mobile’s battle royale mode, but has been changed almost beyond recognition in Blackout.

Call of Duty Mobile’s battle royale mode also has a surprising amount of features at launch, including multiple vehicles available to players, zombies appearing in certain areas of the map, numerous weapons and gear, and even supernatural bosses that drop loot. The map is a bit too big and it’s too long without seeing anyone, but overall Call of Duty Mobile delivers a high-quality mobile battle royale experience, perhaps second only to PUBG Mobile.

While the massive map is definitely one reason why Call of Duty Mobile’s battle royale matches sometimes go on, another is the game’s use of bots. Call of Duty Mobile features bots that place matches for players at lower skill levels. It’s not a terrible idea on paper, but bots aren’t nearly as aggressive or smart as real players. It’s common to see bots in Call of Duty Mobile just standing on cliffsides in battle royale mode, doing nothing but waiting to be discovered and killed. The developers are also secretive about the bots’ implementation, giving them names that look like real player names, rather than properly labeling them. It can be difficult to determine if a victory was actually earned or just came because the enemy team was populated by bots.

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Bots or not, it’s still awesome to be able to play Call of Duty’s best map on the go. Call of Duty Mobile features greatest hits Call of Duty maps from throughout the franchise’s history, including iconic maps like Nuketown, Hijacked, Crash, Firing Range, and more. Even better, players can choose which map they want to play each time, which is a nice feature that ensures players never play maps they don’t like. There’s also a decent selection of multiplayer modes at launch too, with the usual Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, and Domination available. Hopefully future updates will add more modes, like Gun Game and Kill Confirmed, but what’s there at launch will keep Call of Duty multiplayer fans busy.

Whether Call of Duty Mobile players are playing Team Deathmatch or battle royale, they continue to earn experience for their character, individual weapons, and Battle Pass. There are ways to level up quickly in Call of Duty Mobile, but we level up so quickly that it’s not necessary. And the game rewards players, so we didn’t feel like we were really missing out by not buying microtransactions either. If one decides to spend money in the game, they can buy the battle pass and then win enough in-game currency to get the next battle pass for free like in Fortnite, which will also give them a ton of cosmetic extra, but as we said, the game offers a lot anyway.

Call of Duty Mobile has enjoyable development, a nice selection of fan-favorite maps, and looks great on phones and tablets. The game’s liberal use of bots hampers the experience a bit, and the battle royale mode could do with a slightly smaller map or something to make battles happen more often. Future updates will likely make the game even better, though there’s also a chance that the in-game economy will be rebalanced to try to get players to buy into microtransactions. However, in its current state, Call of Duty Mobile is a great mobile FPS that will undoubtedly delight fans of the franchise.

Call of Duty Mobile is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices. Today Technology played on an iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S8, and an iPad.

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