April 17, 2021


Reason it made the list: Best All Around Car Insurance Company in California.

Although there are many high quality car insurance companies in California, Progressive Insurance earns the top spot on this list. While some car insurance companies offered less expensive premiums for certain types of drivers, Progressive consistently offered competitive rates whether drivers were young, old, or had a history of DUI and accidents.

Progressive also has exceptional customer service and offers a near flawless system of getting car insurance quotes online. It’s also very straightforward to file a claim, and their app gets five stars from us.

It’s clear Progressive has invested in technology to help streamline the car insurance process. What was once cumbersome and dreaded task becomes much easier using Progressive’s online tools. As always, drivers should get quotes from at least five different car insurance companies before choosing one, but Progressive should be on that list. Also, keep in mind that you could actually get your premiums lowered over time by enrolling in the Progressive Snapshot program

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Reason it made the list: Most Affordable Car Insurance in California

Sometimes, price is the most important factor when choosing a car insurance company, especially if you’re a young family or have new teenage drivers on your insurance policy. Some car insurance research suggests that Nationwide Insurance has the least expensive car insurance premiums in California, at $1,137 annually, quite a substantial drop from the California average of $1,665 annually.

If you’re a member of the military, you might be able to secure lower rates with USAA, so take the time to consider both options if price matters most to you.

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Reason it made the list: Highest Rated in Customer Satisfaction

Every year, J.D. Power completes an extensive auto insurance study, measuring customer satisfaction in every region of the United States. Because California is such a large state, it gets its own category, allowing for a very accurate view of which car insurance company customers like best there.

The J.D. Power 2019 Auto Insurance Study gave Esurance that top honor this year, and it comes as no surprise. Esurance got its start as the go to insurance for people who wanted to get car insurance quotes online. They make the process seamless and easy, perfect for busy professionals in California who want to take care of their car insurance needs without much hassle.

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Reason it made the list: Best Online Marketplace

Sometimes it’s nice to compare car insurance companies side by side, especially when you get very similar quotes. The Zebra is an online marketplace that helps you see the differences between car insurance companies. They provide real time quotes and have lots of educational materials to help you better understand all of the terminology and financial lingo that comes with the insurance buying process.

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Reason it made the list: Best for Low Mileage Drivers

If you rarely drive your car, it’s not really fair for you to pay the same car insurance prices as daily commuters, right? Metromile agrees. That’s why they’re our top pick for the best insurance company for low mileage drivers. Metromile is a unique car insurance company that only charges you for the miles you use. And, the best part is if you want to take a random road trip to the California coast, you won’t be penalized for miles driven above 250 miles per day.

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