Facebook Celebrates Its 12th Birthday With Friends Day Videos

Facebook is 12 years old today and the company is celebrating its 12th birthday with Friends Day Videos. Friends Day Videos is a new feature on the social network and the company is delivering these personalized videos to millions of Facebook users around the world. To help our community celebrate the importance of friendship, we’re[…]

Amazon Intends To Open Hundred Of Book Stores In The US

Back in November Amazon opened its first physical book store in the US, the store was opened in Seattle and now it would appear that the company has plans to launch a lot more. Amazon apparently has big plans for book stores in the US, the company intends to launch between 300 and 400 book[…]

Google’s Gmail Has More Than 1 Billion Active Users

We heard earlier today that Google is now the world’s most valuable publicly traded company, the company announced record earnings for quarter four of 2015. Also included in the earnings report were details on how many people are now using Gmail on a regular basis. Google announced that more that one billion people now use[…]

Alphabet (Google) Is Now The Worlds Most Valuable Company

Google or Alphabet as their parent company is now known as it now the world’s most valuable company. Yesterday Alphabet announced their financial results yesterday and it broke previous records with revenue for Q4 at $21.3 billion and earnings per share of $8.67. Alphabet now has a market capital of $558 billion, this makes it[…]

Facebook Announces Q4 And 2015 Financial Results

Facebook has announced its financial results for the fourth quarter of 2015 and also its full results for 2015. The company announced total revenue of $17.93 billion in 2015, this was up an impressive 44% over the previous year. The company also announced net income of $3.69 billion for 2015, they also revealed some more[…]

Google’s Deal With UK Taxman May Be Investigated By The EU

Google and the tax authorities in the UK recently came to an agreement where Google will pay a £130 million pound settlement for taxes in the UK between 2005 and 2015. The deal was agreed between Google and the UK tax authorities, although the UK Government has come under a lot of criticism over the[…]

E-Cigarette Explodes, Blows Out Man’s Teeth

Decades ago cigarette companies advertised the supposed health benefits of smoking. These days there’s conclusive evidence to show that smoking is actually very harmful to your health. People still smoke, but they are looking for alternatives, like E-cigarettes, which are often touted as a less harmful alternative. However things like E-cigarettes can have freak accidents.[…]

Microsoft’s Windows Phone Sales Drop To 4.5 Million In Last Quarter

Microsoft recently published its latest financial results for their FY16 Q2 and the company also released some information on Windows Phone sales. It doesn’t look good for Microsoft’s Windows Phone devices as they only managed to sell 4.5 million handsets in their latest quarter, this is down from 10.5 million for the same period in[…]

Sony Makes A $1 Billion Profit In Its Latest Financial Quarter

Sony has announced its financial results for its third quarter of 2015 and the company had total earnings of $21.5 billion for the quarter and made a profit of $1 billion. The company managed to increase their profit by 33% over the previous quarter and Sony’s PlayStation helped them achieve the increase. PlayStation sales equated[…]

Samsung Q4 And Full 2015 Results Revealed

Samsung has released its financial results for the fourth quarter of 2015 and also its full results for 2015. The company announced revenue of 53.32 trillion KRW and an operating profit of 6.14 trillion KRW for the fourth quarter of 2015. Total revenue for 2015 was at 200.65 trillion KRW and they also announced a[…]