Catwalk in the field, model Khanh Hoa makes the villagers “eyes wide”

Catwalk in the field, model Khanh Hoa makes the villagers “eyes wide”

Thursday, September 16, 2021 19:53 PM (GMT+7)

Long legs attract attention because of choosing hugging outfits and doing catwalk exercises in the countryside.

Miss Fitness contestant Le Thi Thu Tam.

Le Thi Thu Tam (Born 1999, hometown Khanh Hoa) studied at Khanh Hoa University. Thu Tam majored in elementary pedagogy, with the desire to bring letters to many difficult places in her own hometown, to teach many children.

She has participated in many beauty contests and left a mark in the hearts of the audience. Most recently, she registered to compete in the Miss Fitness Vietnam – Miss Fitness Vietnam 2021 contest. To prepare performance skills besides maintaining her body shape, she chose to practice the catwalk in her hometown, in the meantime. social distancing. The practice helps her to be ready to “battle” at the competition right after the epidemic ends.

Thu Tam chooses an outfit that enhances her healthy body but attracts attention. Because the pants she wears are both short and tight and tight, attracting attention. The space of the village road with trees and buffalo herds are the factors that bring novelty for her to show the catwalk.

The outfit Thu Tam wears is controversial because it is not suitable for the village context. Even the pants are too short, making many people feel like underwear. On the contrary, many people give her compliments for her creativity and entertainment. By practicing catwalk, neat and flattering sportswear is always the first choice of models.

Thu Tam catwalk on the country road combined with buffalo herding.

Thu Tam attracted attention because of her white tights and bra top showing off her catwalk in the middle of the street. The outfit was commented on as overly sexy when worn in a peaceful village space.

Khanh Hoa beauty owns a height of 1.69m, she weighs 53kg and has three measurements: 80-56-93cm. Thu Tam said that her body is very difficult to gain weight, so she often eats a lot without being afraid of fat. A day, she will eat 3 main meals and 3 snacks.

A series of Vietnamese beauties show off their figure in a variety of costumes when practicing the catwalk. Applied fashion, sportswear or swimwear… can all become workout wear.

Thu Tam’s way of taking advantage of the country road space to practice catwalks is noticeable. Not only walking on the concrete road, she also chose to go on the embankment road with a relatively small surface area. This choice of hers is controversial, because it is possible to get feet on high heels.

Thanks to the catwalk practice videos in her hometown, Thu Tam received millions of likes on tiktok.

Before having a strong body like now, Khanh Hoa’s long legs used to be likened to a dry skeleton because she was too skinny. She chooses to go to the gym to improve her body shape. Therefore, she was in the top 10 contestants with the most beautiful body at Miss Tourism Vietnam 2020.

She wants to spread the spirit of sports practice to everyone. Sports help the body to be healthy and think more positively, prolonging life.

In the future, Thu Tam will become a primary school teacher, bringing back words to teach children in her hometown.


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