Chakra sound meditation – "Healing Power Of Sound" workshop

Chakra sound meditation – "Healing Power Of Sound" workshop

#Chakra #sound #meditation #quotHealing #Power #Soundquot #workshop

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This is a short edited version of a full chakra sound meditation as part of our workshop.
This is a good tool for you to tune your chakras to the right energy by watching and listening.
It will be very good for you to make the sounds with us while you are watching it.
It also has the visuals of the chakra’s correlating symbols, elements and colours in order to enhance the experience of tuning into your chakras.

Please note: The chakra pictures are taken from the web, we do not claim any ownership or copyright on them, we are using them only inorder to spread awareness with recognition and gratitude to the original creators.

Darpan and Ami are both talented musicians and sound therapists. Over the last few years they have been working together, moulding their skills and influences into an amazing healing experience for your mind, body and spirit!

Ami –

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Light, Love and Harmony

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