Check Out BLACKPINK Lisa’s Incredible Transformation From Boombayah To Lalisa

Check Out BLACKPINK Lisa’s Incredible Transformation From Boombayah To Lalisa

 Blackpink is the biggest female band in the world right now. It has created a different place in the minds of people around the world. The members of the Blackpink are also individually very much famous as compared to other K-Pop idols.

Blackpink consists of 4 members; Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa. Out of all four of them, Lisa is very popular and is one of those K-Pop idols who is very much into the news. Lisa is also very beautiful and is very popular for her looks and fashion as well.

Lisa is a rapper and singer and also a dancer in Blackpink. She made her debut with Blackpink in 2016 with their debut album “Square One.” She debuted with singles “Whistles” and “Boombayah.” Since then she has been part of every Blackpink project and is one of the lead personalities when it comes to Korean pop culture.

Boombayah was not that much successful as compared to Whistles. Still, Lisa does not fail to mark an impression on audiences. She gained massive attention due to her looks and stage presence and the way she presents herself.

Through the years she has given hits after hits with the band Blackpink. She is the most followed Blackpink member on Instagram. She has over 57 million followers on her Instagram Page which is more than the followers of the official Blackpink page.

Recently, Lisa has announced her solo debut album “LALISA.” It is coming out on September 10. Already three teasers have been released by her and fans are still in mystery by the tone that was in the teaser. Anyway, this debut is surely going to be something out of this world with the reputation that Lisa carries.

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