Check Out The Tracklist For Blackpink Lisa’s Solo Debut!

Check Out The Tracklist For Blackpink Lisa’s Solo Debut!

Blackpink is one of the biggest bands in the K-Pop industry and certainly the biggest when it comes to females. All four members are equally important for the success of the band and at the same time, they are individually more popular and have their fans internationally as well.

Recently, it was announced that Lisa from Blackpink will debut as a solo artist and will release her solo album ‘Lalisa.’ The album is about to be released on September 10. She will become the third member after Jennie and Rose from Blackpink to work as a solo artist.

The craze of her new album is already at the top among her fans. There are already 700,000 pre-orders for ‘Lalisa.’ She has already set a record for the highest number of pre-orders by any K-Pop artist from the female category. The album is about to release on September 10 and the famous talk show “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” announced that Lisa will perform ‘Lalisa’ for the very first time on his show.

It has been announced that the album will contain two main songs “Lalisa” and “Money.” YG Entertainment announced the songwriters for both songs. The craziness among fans regarding the album is going out of hand and it will be known to the world after the release of the album only. It will be released at noon as per KST on September 10.

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