China names Wang Yi as new foreign minister, replaces ‘missing’ Qin Gang

By India Today World Desk: Wang Yi has been named as the new foreign minister of China, state media reported on Tuesday. Qin Gang, the “missing” foreign minister was removed and Wang Yi replaced him.

“China’s top legislature voted to appoint Wang Yi as foreign minister… as it convened a session on Tuesday,” Chinese media outlet Xinhua said.

Notably, Gang’s whereabouts are still not known, even as Wang Yi has replaced him as Foreign Minister. His last public engagement was a meeting with visiting Russian, Sri Lankan and Vietnamese officials on June 25. Since then, he has not been seen in public.

His ministry later said he was off work for unspecified health reasons.

Qin Gang is considered Chinese President Xi Jinping’s close aide. The last time the 57-year-old disappeared from public view was just for eight days over the Lunar New Year Holiday.

Almost a month on, he still remains missing and China has not spoken about this. The discussion about his absence was apparently censored on the Chinese social media site Weibo.

A search for “where is Qin Gang” on the platform returned the message “no results”, The Guardian reported.

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