Chinese flat owner keeps 7 cows on balcony, ordered to 'moo-ve' them out

By India Today World Desk: You can take out the villagers from a village, but you can’t take the village out of them! This is the story of a Chinese flat owner who created a stir for keeping a herd of cattle on the fifth-floor balcony of a residential building.

Viral videos showed seven calves squeezed on a balcony of a residential complex and munching at their meals in southwest China’s Sichuan province. The videos have gained four million views on Douyin, a Chinese short-video sharing platform similar to TikTok.

According to a resident, the cows stayed on the residential premises for a day.

The neighbours created an uproar when they were irritated by the constant mooing and foul smell, following which they alerted the authorities, South China Morning Post reported.

The calves were removed by urban management officials on July 14, according to Phoenix Weekly.

ðŸÄðŸâCrazy cow condo in China! ðŸäã A flat owner tried to go full-on farm life by keeping 7 cows on their balcony! ðŸä” Neighbors couldn’t handle the mooing and stink, so they called the authorities,ðŸšèthe cows were evicted in the end. 😅 #cow #China #farmer
— Hassan哈æá‘China Insider (@HassanAkhssass) July 20, 2023

Zhang Dayou, the community’s party secretary, told Fengmian News that the animals weighed between 10 kilograms and 20 kilograms each.

The flat owner, guards and property management staff have been sparring over bringing back the animals into the residential building, Fengmian News reported.

Internet was shocked by the balcony story of the bovines.

“I am sure the cattle never imagined they could live in a building one day,” said one person.

“Poor calves being squeezed onto such a small balcony,” said another.

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