Choi Somi wears nude bikini, showing off her beautiful body

Choi Somi wears nude bikini, showing off her beautiful body

Sunday, September 26, 2021 19:15 PM (GMT+7)

Choi Somi is tall, wearing a nude bikini, showing off her natural beauty by the pool without fear of being misunderstood.

Choi Somi is a famous hot girl in Korea thanks to her beautiful beauty and sexy body. She is also known as “Vuong Tu Thong’s 700 billion beauty” because she was invited by a Chinese giant to perform in an event with the amount of 700 billion VND, but she refused. Reaching the U30 threshold, but the Korean beauty still prefers to wear glamorous dresses, show off her beautiful body so many times that she is suspected of having plastic surgery: like removing ribs, “upgrading” the first round.

Recently, Choi Somi continues to attract attention on social networks when wearing a 2-piece mini swimsuit, slim waist, long legs and 3 ideal rings. Not only that, but she also received many compliments when choosing a tone that is 1 tone lighter than her real skin color so as not to be misunderstood when viewed from afar. The highlight is that the swimsuit is incredibly small, although beautiful, there are still some opinions that girls need to consider if they want to wear this suit because the shirt is only connected by pretty strings. loose, it is easy for the wearer to have trouble and be displaced under the impact of water.

Choi Somi wears nude bikini, showing off her beautiful body - 1

Choi Somi high-handedly chose a nude swimsuit brighter than the real color to show off her beautiful standard body, without being misunderstood when viewed from afar.

Choi Somi wears nude bikini, showing off her beautiful body - 3

Tiny 2-piece bikini, highlighting Choi Somi’s feminine curves.

Choi Somi wears nude bikini, showing off her beautiful body - 4

For girls who love similar swimsuits, they should consider wearing this style because the part of the shirt is thin, light, and connected by quite loose strings, easily swayed under the influence of water. water.

Before that, she also wore a similar 2-piece swimsuit, with a slight variation in style and color, with striking geometric prints to create a visual impression, and at the same time cleverly flaunting her muscular curves. with porcelain white skin.

Choi Somi wears nude bikini, showing off her beautiful body - 5

Choi Somi once wore a similar small design but made a visual impression with eye-catching geometric patterns.

Nude color is loved by many hot girls because it is not only elegant, but also respects the girls’ figure, but it is not easy to dress as beautiful as Choi Somi. As a beauty with a glamorous and fashionable style, this is also the color that Choi Somi especially favors. She owns many nude outfits such as silk skirts, 2-piece tops, bodycon skirts, and training pants, but is always praised for her skillful and delicate coordination.

The first rule of beauty when wearing a nude outfit of Choi Somi is to choose tones that are lighter or darker than the real skin color so as not to match the body color under the reflection of outdoor light.

The second rule is to choose clothes with a tight fit and reasonable opening mode. There are many girls who love nude color but make this mistake, especially when wearing tight skirts and leggings, so when viewed from afar, it is easy to misunderstand because it looks like nothing.

Choi Somi wears nude bikini, showing off her beautiful body - 6

Choi Somi is extremely fond of nude tones and owns many outfits with different designs and materials. She often chooses a light or completely dark tone compared to her real skin tone and does not wear too tight clothes.

The third rule is the way of dressing, most of the nude tones have done a good job of highlighting the wearer’s physique and effectively cheating the height, so she often wears a simple outfit, not inclined to accessories. picky, to avoid the overall set becoming cumbersome.

In addition, a small note when wearing Choi Somi’s tights is to choose lingerie wisely, especially when wearing thin silk skirts, bodycon skirts made of wool. For girls with a full bust, just use a thin, light, non-secretive chest patch without fear of being exposed. Besides, nude seamless pants, soft spandex material, good elasticity, hugging in the direction of body movement, is the perfect choice when combined with this type of clothing. Not only that, the designs of high-cut briefs with a moderate high waist, helping to shape and support the 3rd round, and at the same time shrinking the waistline, are also considered “treasures” of women because of their sweat absorption. very good.

Choi Somi wears nude bikini, showing off her beautiful body - 7

The simpler, the more elegant is one of Choi Somi’s top criteria when mixing accessories with nude outfits.


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