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The Civilization 6 Leader Pass introduced 6 new DLCs to the legendary Firaxis strategy title, including the Great Commanders Pack. Like the rest of the DLC in the Leader Pass, the Great Commanders Pack contains two brand new Leaders for Civilization 6, Tokugawa and Nader Shah, as well as the alternate Persona Suleiman the Magnificent.

Suleiman Muhteşem (also known as Suleiman the Magnificent) was the tenth Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and ruled from 1520 until his death in 1566. Suleiman’s reign is considered the highest point of the Ottoman Empire’s power and prestige. This is represented in Civilization 6 with his ability The Magnificent Leader, which focuses on the Golden and Heroic Ages.

Resources and Abilities of Suleiman the Magnificent Civilization 6 loading screen Suleiman the Magnificent

Suleiman the Magnificent is one of only two Leaders in the Civilization 6 Leader Pass that require the Gathering Storm expansion to play. This is because the original version of him, Suleiman Kanuni, was first introduced to the game in this expansion. Suleiman the Magnificent shares all of the same Ottoman abilities as his original Persona, but his unique leader ability encourages a different playstyle.


How it works

leader skill

The magnificent

+15% Science and Culture when in Golden or Heroic Age +4 Combat Strength when not in Golden or Heroic Age when fighting Civilizations that are also not in Golden or Heroic Age

civilization skill

Great Turkish Bombard

+50% production for siege units Siege units gain +5 combat strength against defensible districts Conquering a city does not cause the city to lose population +1 convenience and +4 loyalty per turn for cities not founded by the Ottomans

single unit

Barbary Corsair

Only medieval Ottoman era naval attack unit Unlocked by medieval fairies Civic Replaces privateer — Reduces production and maintenance costs and does not use Movement to make coastal attacks 4 Movement, 2 Vision 40 Melee Strength 50 Ranged Strength, Range 2

unique building

grand bazaar

Unique Ottoman Building Unlocked by Banking Technology Replaces Bank — Lower production costs and extra resources Accumulate an extra Strategic Resource per turn for each type of Strategic Resource this City produces +1 Amenity for each type of Luxury Resource this City has upgraded How to Play as Suleiman the Magnificent Civilization 6 Suleiman the Magnificent in battle

Suleiman the Magnificent is about the Golden Age mechanic that was introduced in the Gathering Storm expansion, with varying bonuses if the Ottomans are in a Golden/Heroic Age or not. While in the Golden or Heroic Age, Magnificent’s Science and Culture bonuses will allow players to speed along the Tech and Civic trees, which are required for each type of victory in Civilization 6. On the other hand, while not in the Golden Age or Heroic, The Magnificent buff will allow Suleiman players to pursue the aggressive expansion and conquest that is the core of the Ottoman style of play, adding new cities to benefit from his Great Turkish Bombard ability.

The dual nature of The Magnificent’s buffs means players need to find the right rhythm between Ages to get the most out of the Leader Skill. During Normal or Dark Ages, players should focus on conquering Cities of other Civilizations that are also trapped in a Normal or Dark Age, using their Combat Strength buff and Siege unit buffs to quickly overwhelm defenses. Then, in the Golden and Heroic Ages, Suleiman players can use his The Magnificent buffs to accelerate their Science and Culture, allowing them to pursue a Science, Culture, or Domination victory in Civilization 6.

Civilization 6 is available for iOS, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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