Controversial tennis player’s outfit

Controversial tennis player’s outfit

Wednesday, August 4, 2021 10:54 AM (GMT+7)

In fact, there is always a dress code for this sport, but it is still controversial.

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Tennis is the sport with the most sexy costumes in sports.

The story has no end

While the controversy regarding the sexy costumes of female athletes at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics has not been resolved, many people pay attention to a subject that also has a supposedly sensitive outfit: tennis. Because of the characteristic of moving quickly, responding to strong dribbles with changing posture, the “flying skirt” phase often occurs.

Tennis in particular and sports in general, with female athletes always subject to the control of a section and set forth requirements: clothing must be more feminine, or less feminine; dress modestly because it may be too attractive to men, or be a little revealing to entice men to pay for tickets to the match… This control is most evident in tennis.

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With the particularity of fashion in competition, female tennis players often have dress problems.

Reportedly, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) allows each country’s Olympic Committee to make their own rules about the dress code for their sports delegation with the only requirement: “not to cause objection”. But many people think that the line between “offensive” and “non-offensive” is often difficult to define, so it is always controversial. Usually female tennis players will wear a t-shirt with a skirt. The item that later became known as a tennis skirt. In addition, girls can also wear shorts.

Stuck in the middle of the controversy

During the days of the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo, one of the names mentioned in tennis matches is the name Camila Giorgi (born in 1991) – she is also the tennis star representing the team. Italy team in this tournament. In addition to the excellent achievements, the image of “the rose of the ball village” with the “flying skirt” phase or indiscreet with the dress while playing on the field was also recorded by the reporter’s lens.

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Camila Giorgi was caught by the camera lens in revealing moments related to tennis outfits.

Or like at the Wimbledon tennis tournament, besides professional news on sports, the issue of costumes at the tournament is also something that many viewers are interested in. Since its inception in 1877 until now, the tournament organizers have repeatedly been forced to request corrections for many models of skirts that are too short. Because many players, instead of focusing on the first match, have to be confused because of “wrestling” with a revealing dress. And in fact, there have been a lot of incidents related to costumes happening, the images that are said to be “catastrophic” on the sidelines of Wimblendon make viewers feel embarrassed.

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For someone who has a lot of experience playing on the field like Maria Sharapova, it is also inevitable that the incident.

Not only are women stuck between wearing comfortable clothes for competition or fashion ethics, but female tennis players also have difficulties when facing sponsors or sports fashion brands. Because as the sponsor of the entire outfit for the tournament or the team, the company has the right to decide more or less related to the design of the costume. Moreover, for the purpose of changing aesthetic values ​​and innovating clothes to increase sales, sports fashion brands often tend to seduce tennis clothes.

An example can be taken from the babydoll dress called “Nike Premier Slam” released by the manufacturer in 2016. It is loose, comfortable and super short, making underwear visible when the players compete. So before the voices of female athletes, Nike had to recall tennis apparel before the opening time of the 2016 Wimbledon tournament.

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The photo and the moment Maria definitely wants to forget.

Incidents go down in history

The life-remembering incident during the 2017 Wimbledon season involved the cult tennis player Maria Sharapova. The reason is that the weather is not favorable, the wind makes her too short skirt “counterfeit”. Specifically, the dress was too short and when the wind hit her, she revealed her full round 3 in the photos of reporters.

Or Russian tennis player Daria Kasatkina once lamented to the press that: “I wore a mini skirt during practice, I didn’t like it very much. When jumping, the entire abdomen is exposed. If something bothers you while playing, you can’t play well.” And the female athletes at Wimbledon in 2016 probably still remember the incidents with Nike’s £75 outfit. Because when they put on their bodies and move, their hips and sensitive areas were exposed. So much so that, during the match, female athlete Katie Boulter had to fight the fire with a hairpin to hold the dress. And tennis player Lucie Hradecka even had to wear a pair of tight pants underneath to be comfortable when competing.

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Instead of short skirts, Daria Kasatkina often chooses short pants to avoid problems.

The strictest tennis dress code isn’t at the Olympics?

Despite being born for nearly 150 years, it was not until 2014 that the set of 10 dress codes at Wimbledon was issued. Among these are many notable laws such as: banning light white or cream colors, clothing without color borders larger than 1cm wide, the back of the dress must be white, accessories such as shoes, socks, etc. armbands, underwear must be white. Not only that, medical equipment on the field must also be white, except for emergencies. All costumes must be white because it is a symbol of purity, elegance and elegance, so the organizers want Wimbledon to become an aristocratic tournament, completely different from other tournaments.

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Suzanne Lenglen once started the sexy movement to the tennis court.

Turning back history, in 1911 the famous French female tennis player Suzanne Lenglen shocked Wimbledon when wearing a calf-length dress, without petticoat and corset. People called this act “indecent” or “sexualized sports”. Or 30 years later, when American tennis player Gertrude Moran wore a mid-thigh tennis skirt. Once again, Wimbledon organizers claimed she had “brought vulgarity and guilt into tennis”.

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Or Gertrude Moran is a pioneer in wearing short skirts when playing tennis.

Currently, in order to closely monitor the dress code, the Wimbledon tournament has built a system of management staff on the issue of athletes’ uniforms, even the referees are also tasked with the task. monitor. You must strictly adhere to all dress codes if you want to participate in this supposedly prestigious tournament.

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In 1958, Karol Fageros was criticized at the French Open for revealing his yellow underwear and for being considered overly provocative on the court.


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