CR7’s fiancee shows off her body in bikini, making millions “drop their hearts”

CR7’s fiancee shows off her body in bikini, making millions “drop their hearts”

Sunday, July 18, 2021 03:59 AM (GMT+7)

This image quickly received millions of likes from fans.

The couple is having a happy holiday together.

Recently, after finishing the EURO 2020 season, Cristiano Ronaldo, his fiancee and children had a wonderful vacation on the island of Majorca (Spain) on a personal yacht. Ignoring all work and life pressure, the couple had moments of relaxation and happiness together.

Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez have been together for 5 years.

Not only for each other’s romantic actions, but also on the personal page with millions of followers, the couple is also satisfied when sending sweet words to each other. Specifically, Georgina Rodriguez wrote: “Love you at sea“And CR7 is not inferior when “responding” with the caption: “My love”. Along with that, CR7’s fiancee also posted pictures showing off her beautiful body underwater. With this eye-catching image, she received 4 million likes after only a few hours of appearance.

The image of her showing off her body underwater.

Georgina Rodriguez (born 1995) was originally a dancer, then switched to modeling. Before becoming CR7’s girlfriend, she was a Gucci salesperson. That’s why many people call her “Cinderella” in real life. Not as prominent or popular as CR7’s ex-girlfriend series, but she is the only one who holds the heart of the most famous player in the world. Part of it is love without reason, but it must also be recognized that there are things in Georgina Rodriguez that the pink shadows who have passed CR7 have not been able to do.

Georgina Rodriguez is anesthetized with a picture showing off her body underwater.

Georgina Rodriguez wears a bikini to honor her bountiful figure, receiving countless likes.

Although she has not held a wedding ceremony, she is ready to give birth to many children for CR7. After publicizing the love story with the famous player, the couple always appeared together like a picture with a shadow and received many compliments from fans.

In addition, Georgina Rodriguez also possesses impressive beauty and a real and sexy body. To achieve that, she worked very hard in training. On the Instagram profile of 26 million fans, the model often shares the moment of working out at home and receives countless compliments on her appearance. In addition to the gym, she also practices dancing, swimming, yoga… The most she practices are exercises to help her bust grow, firm and slim her waist.

The fertile body of fiancee CR7 makes many people admire.

It is not easy when Georgina Rodriguez has a massive 3rd round, beautiful people often practice squats – exercises that help increase the size of the buttocks are practiced by many people.

She used to be a professional dancer before becoming CR7’s fiancée.

That’s why she always maintains a toned but soft, flexible body.

Gym is also a great passion of Georgina Rodriguez. She and CR7 often “race” to practice to have a beautiful body.

Having cleverly pampered her husband, taking care of her children, she is still beautiful and sexy, why is CR7 not fascinated?


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