April 13, 2021

“Dad called on relatives, teachers asked to vote”

“Dad called on relatives, teachers asked to vote”

Thursday, 11/19/2020 03:16 AM (GMT + 7)

Kim Tra My is the contestant with the most votes from the audience of the semi-final Miss Vietnam 2020.

Female students fasted for 3 months in Miss VN contest: & # 34; Dad called on relatives, teachers asked to vote & # 34;  - first

Kim Tra My owns a standard body with the measurements of 3 rounds: 85-60-88cm.

– As one of the contestants who “saved” the semi-finals, how did Tra My speed up to shine in the national finals?

– Because I was a contestant who was “saved”, I told myself to try harder than you. Break time to take advantage of practice, improve catwalk skills as well as the charisma on the face. Because of a tight schedule with no time to do gym exercises in the afternoon, in the early morning I tried to get up 15-20 minutes earlier, go to the jogging room to keep the desired weight.

– Answer about the “unlucky” semi-finals so you are the contestant “saved”. Many people say that it is “redundancy, due to the incompetence”. How do I feel about this comment?

– I think that’s a general answer and two ways of speaking. Each person will have the most honest answer to themselves, enough to know what they lack. I don’t think I got the award because maybe because it doesn’t match the criteria, the evidence that the beauty queen before the coronation has failed in other competitions.

However, if you do not get high rankings, no one will appreciate your beauty or you. The crown does not make the value of a beauty queen, but the beauty queen makes the crown’s value. I find myself coming to the contest, gaining more than losing, having more friends, brothers and sisters, being better educated and better myself.

– You used to fast for 3 months to get in shape for the beauty contest. During the 3 months accompanying Miss Vietnam, My still fasted?

During the 3 months of my company, I kept the same diet. In addition to that, I apply the 16/8 intermittent fasting. Eat healthy for 8 hours, the rest 16 hours only drink water and don’t eat. Besides, in the morning, I try to get up early to jog, at night take advantage of 30 minutes to bend my stomach and plank to maintain my physique. Surprisingly, in the endurance competition of Sports Beauty, I won and kept the plank in 3p30s.

Female students fasted for 3 months in Miss VN contest: & # 34; Dad called on relatives, teachers asked to vote & # 34;  - 2

Kim Tra My tries to maintain the living habits to have a standard body, confidently shining the finale.

Female students fasted for 3 months in Miss VN contest: & # 34; Dad called on relatives, teachers asked to vote & # 34;  - 3

Close-up of the beautiful girl’s beauty.

– Miss contest to “rich” in knowledge, finance, social relations … so that is to “change life”. According to My, what is the positive thought that this phrase “change your life”, “rich”?

– In my opinion, the positive meaning of the word change of life is that I can perfect myself, overcome my weaknesses, promote my strengths to become the best version. This made me tell myself, I have to change every day for the better. As for “rich”, I think it is the wealth of the soul. Participating in the contest, having the opportunity to accompany many compassionate projects, we have more compassion, compassion and social responsibility.

– As beautiful as My, she must also be bothered by texting, seduced … especially when the era of social networking develops like today?

Social media, of course, helps us connect with many people, both good and bad. I have received many teasing messages, some extremely malicious messages.

For example, they say that I have long legs, I have to pair giants and beauty pageants to love the rich … In those cases, if I say I do not get angry, it is a lie. Because they don’t know anything about themselves, but they make up so many horrible things.

However, in such cases instead of twitching and twisting, I choose to silence and ignore. Because, I don’t want those things affecting me any more. I really appreciate this quote from a foreign writer: “The secret of happiness is forgetfulness”. Fortunately, I often forget. I will let those things sink into the memory area and continue to move on for loved ones.

– Your family is a solid support place in the back to let My peace of mind, give everything to this competition?

At first, my father strongly opposed taking the exam because he thought it would affect his studies. And say, if I take the exam, there will be no cost to take the exam.

In the first few days of the semi-finals, my mother hid my father and send money to me. After being advised by my mother for a while, and I called and talked every night, my father changed my mind. And after that, my father was the one who called on everyone as well as relatives, and the high school high school teachers supported me to vote for me to have a chance to be in the finale.

Female students fasted for 3 months in Miss VN contest: & # 34; Dad called on relatives, teachers asked to vote & # 34;  - 4

Kim Tra My is one of the potential candidates for the Miss Vietnam 2020 awards.

Source: http://danviet.vn/nu-sinh-nhin-an-com-3-thang-thi-hoa-hau-vn-bo-keu-goi-ho-hang-thay-co-nho-vote. ..

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