Dad Creates Honest Comics About The World And Kindness (92 Pics)

Dad Creates Honest Comics About The World And Kindness (92 Pics)

I don’t have kids. And while I can understand what parents go through when raising their children (I think), I can’t really relate to them. Unless I’m reading Chris Grady’s comics.

For years, Grady has been drawing his experiences as a dad-of-two and sharing them through a project called Lunarbaboon. He started this endeavor to combat anxiety and depression, focusing on life-affirming aspects of everyday life. So it doesn’t matter if a particular strip revolves around a not-so-pesky spider or teaching your son to respect women, Grady tries his best to infuse it with love and empathy. And it works.

Of course, a lot of inspiration comes from his family members too. For example, he said he’s very lucky to be married to a smart, strong, and opinionated person who is constantly fighting against injustice, so a lot of what they talk about on a daily basis makes it into the comics as well.

But don’t get the wrong idea, Grady keeps Lunarbaboon far, far away from toxic positivity, preserving genuine human emotions. I believe this sincerity is precisely what allows even childless folks like me to connect to the series.

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