Declutter your Baldur’s Gate 3 inventory with either of these wonderful autosort bag mods

As I’m sure many of you can relate, my Baldur’s Gate 3 inventory has become an absolute nightmare after 50 hours. Even after developing the willpower not to pick up every remotely valuable item I see, my pockets remain a chromatic cacophony of armor, scrolls, potions, and weapons I don’t even remember picking up. Wouldn’t it be nice if every type of item was neatly sorted into its own bag automatically, like the game already does with alchemy ingredients and camp supplies?

You can see where I’m going with this: there are already two mods that do exactly this, and which one you choose is mostly up to personal preference.

“Bags Bags Bags” by Liareth”Additional Autosort Containers” by Auridh 

Bags Bags Bags came first, and could be considered the more comprehensive option. It comes with a total of 21 new bags, pouches, and boxes for storage, but the most important ones are the core six bags for arrows, potions, poisons, books, scrolls, and grenades. These bags have “autosort,” which means items are automatically sorted into the appropriate bag as you pick them up (just like the alchemy pouch and camp supplies).

The mod also comes with 15 bags for less crucial items like dyes, clothes, valuables, and “bits and bobs.” These don’t have autosort, so it’s up to you to manually organize them.

(Image credit: Auridh on Nexus Mods)

The other mod on offer is Additional Autosort Containers, which like Bags Bags Bags, adds six new containers for the essentials: arrows, potions, poisons, scrolls, books, and grenades. The main difference here is theming—while Bags Bags Bags is fairly no-nonsense, Auridh has gone to the trouble of writing charming names for each bag and surprisingly lengthy descriptions.

Your grenade pouch, for instance, isn’t just a pouch for grenades: it’s the Flamewrought Mischiefkin, a “diminutive marvel of mischief sculpted from the very essence of infernos and laughter.” Hell yeah.

That alone is enough to win my favor, but there is a catch: the bags don’t just show up in your inventory after installing the mod. The only place to easily acquire the bags on an existing save is from a vendor at the Emerald Grove in Act 1, a place you might’ve already been locked out of depending on your progress through the main story. The backup option is installing another mod that lets you summon a tutorial chest which also holds the bags.

Bags Bags Bags, on the other hand, has a handy option for those already in the late-game.

“These containers are available for purchase from Arron in Act 1 and Danthelon in Act 3,” the mod page reads.

No option for Act 2, which makes sense if you’ve visited the Shadow-Cursed Lands, but the good news is you can still travel back to Act 1 for the majority of Act 2.

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