Decorate the inside of Starfield ships to your heart’s desire with one simple console command

Between surprisingly accurate recreations of pop culture spaceships, funky corner ships that trick enemy AI, and this one that is somehow just an entire F1 car, I am endlessly impressed by what the Starfield ship builder is capable of. Even I, a kid who didn’t know what to do with Legos, managed to put together a cruiser with my ideal blend of boxy utility and sleek angles. By comparison the inside of ships are very dull—other than placing objects from your inventory on tables, you’re stuck with whatever stock furniture comes with the ship modules you attach.

Unless you’re playing on PC, actually. There’s an easy way to enable interior decoration within your ship with a single Starfield console command. Once active, you can craft and place anything in your ship that you would usually be able to place in a house or apartment in Starfield’s major cities. I’ve already spruced up my main hab area with a few comfy chairs, a coffee maker, refrigerator, and paintings to introduce a bit of color to the sea of white and gray. 

This trick isn’t just useful for decorating, either: you can place workbenches anywhere they’ll fit, and even a Constellation mission board. I’ve now got a mission terminal set up right next to my pilot seat so I can take on new quests without touching foot on a planet—the Starfield equivalent of installing a mini fridge below your PC desk. At this rate I’ll never have to leave my ship.

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How to customize your ship interior

Find a place on your ship to place the “Decorate” panel: The command will spawn the panel at your feet, and it’ll sit awkwardly on the ground. I don’t know any way around this, so your best bet is to place it somewhere it won’t look too out-of-place.Press ` to access the consoleEnter (or paste) this command to spawn the panel: player.placeatme 00024DC7 1Press E on the spawned panel to enter building mode

I encountered this tip via Nexus Mods user dreamsoundzz’s “Customizable Ship Interiors” mod, which essentially activates the console command for you once installed. You can go that route if you’d like, but I think it’s easier to just spawn in the item yourself.

Image 1 of 3(Image credit: Bethesda)(Image credit: Bethesda)(Image credit: Bethesda)

If you mess things up or want to start fresh, it’s easy to undo the whole process too. Just modify or replace the room where you placed the panel and all custom-placed items will be deleted. Convenient, but also a big catch for avid ship builders: don’t invest too much time in decorating your ship’s interior until you’re satisfied with the exterior.

In case you’re wondering where else you can redecorate using one of these panels, the galaxy is your oyster. The same trick worked outside on a planet, though you could presumably accomplish the same thing by making a normal Starfield outpost. You could possibly use decorate panels to add a personal touch to one of Starfield’s major cities. You can’t, however, use them to decorate the outside of your ship. The game doesn’t recognize your ship as a placeable surface, sadly.

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