Denied use of washroom on plane, woman urinates on floor

By India Today World Desk: A female passenger was caught on camera urinating on the floor of a plane after she was denied by the crew from using the washroom for two hours.

In a short video that surfaced online, the unidentified woman was seen squatting on the floor of a US-based Spirit Airlines flight and arguing with the staff that she wanted to go to the washroom as she couldn’t hold it anymore, Daily Mail reported.

A flight attendant wearing Spirit Airlines’ black and yellow uniform, filmed the woman arguing and ultimately urinating in the corner of the flight.

“I need to pee. It’s already two hours. You tell me you cannot. You closed the doors,” the woman told the flight attendant filming her.

Woman urinates in the corner of her Spirit Airlines flight, after allegedly being told for 2 hours that she couldn’t use the bathroom
— Glock Topickz (@Glock_Topickz) July 22, 2023

The flight attendant filming her replied, “Say hello to the camera for me”. The irked woman told the flight attendant to “blame yourself”.

“Your plane is stopped. I cannot hold the pee. You can do whatever you want,” the passenger told the flight attendant.

She even dared the crew to arrest her with a warrant, asserting that is “better than this”, according to the Daily Mail.

In response, the flight attendant gave a bizarre reason to the woman for not being allowed to use the washroom, telling her to drink some water as her urine smelt disgusting.

At the end of the 20-second video, the woman was seen getting up, pulling her pants and began to walk away.

Spirit Airlines has not commented on the incident so far,

This is not the first instance where a woman passenger was not allowed to use the washroom on the flight and urinated on the floor.

In 2018, a woman was forced to urinate on the floor of a Wizz Air flight between London and Warsaw in Poland as the washroom was engaged.

When the crew did not allow her to use the lavatory, she squatted against a wall and urinated on the floor while she was talking to a friend over the phone, the Daily Mail reported.

A spokesperson for the airline told The Sun that the woman was barred from using the washroom as the plane was being refuelled, which was standard procedure.

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