Destiny 2 The Final Shape Standard, Annual Pass, and Collector's Editions Explained

Highlights The Final Shape is the epic climax of the Light and Darkness saga in Destiny 2, concluding the ongoing story after Lightfall, the Witch Queen, and recent seasons. Multiple editions of The Final Shape expansion are available for purchase, offering new features and content, including a shift away from seasonal models to Destiny 2’s new episode format. Pre-ordering The Final Shape expansion grants players early access to a new Exotic weapon, cosmetic items, and exclusive bonuses, while different editions provide additional perks and rewards.

The Final Shape is slated to be the epic climax of the Light and Darkness saga in Destiny 2. The expansion and the following Episodes will conclude Destiny 2’s ongoing story immediately following the events of Lightfall, the Witch Queen, and the recent Seasons in Destiny 2.

Shortly after its initial reveal in Bungie’s latest Destiny 2 showcase, multiple editions of the Final Shape expansion are now available for purchase, including exclusive pre-order bonuses. Overall the expansion is expected to deliver plenty of new features and content to Destiny 2, including the shift away from Seasonal content models to Destiny 2’s new Episode format. Depending on which edition of the expansion that players buy, there are additional perks and rewards for each bundle of The Final Shape expansion.

Every Way to Purchase Destiny 2’s Final Shape Expansion Destiny 2 The Final Shape Expansion Collectors Edition Bundle Items

The Final Shape Pre-Order Bonuses

The benefits of preordering The Final Shape expansion gives players a few cosmetic items, as well as early access to a new Exotic weapon in Destiny 2, and all the pre-order benefits are available as early as Season of the Witch. Players who don’t pre-order The Final Shape will still get this weapon immediately upon purchasing the expansion during or after its release date. The Final Shape’s pre-order content features:

Instant access to the Tesselation Exotic fusion rifle “Final” Exotic Ghost Shell The Abstract Meditation emote The Silhouette emblem

The Final Shape (standard edition)

For players who prefer waiting for reviews or deals for Destiny 2’s expansions, the standard edition of The Final Shape is a great choice, because it’s the cheapest option to give players access to a majority of the new content. The standard edition of The Final Shape includes:

The Tesselation Exotic fusion rifle A new Super for Solar Warlocks, Void Titans, and Arc Hunters The Final Shape Campaign The Final Shape Raid The Final Shape Weapons and Armor sets Pale Heart patrol destination Full access to Destiny 2’s first Episode that will be released alongside The Final Shape expansion

The Final Shape + Annual Pass

The bundle that includes the annual pass is the most valuable edition of the expansion since it gives access to all the in-game content arriving throughout the year that The Final Shape releases, and at a discounted rate. On top of everything included in the standard edition of The Final Shape expansion, this edition includes:

The Final Shape Dungeon Key Full access to the first three Episodes coming to Destiny 2 in the year of The Final Shape The premium Season Pass reward tracks during each of The Final Shape’s three Episodes Secret Stash gifts at the beginning of each of The Final Shape’s three Episodes An Exotic Sparrow

The Final Shape Collector’s Edition

The Collector’s Edition is the ultimate version of Destiny 2’s Final Shape expansion that includes everything the expansion has to offer, from the in-game content of the annual pass bundle to exclusive physical rewards. This is arguably the best way for players to celebrate this climatic moment in the Destiny universe with what the developers describe as an interactive experience regarding the secret interactions between some of the Collector’s Edition physical items. Specific details for the dimensions and materials of the physical items can be found on the official Bungie Store website. The rewards in this edition include:

Destiny 2 The Final Shape expansion + Season Pass bundle Tower Replica from the original Destiny Cayde-6, Ikora Rey, and Zavala character figurines “Vanguard Mission” Dossier “Vanguard Mission” Patch Autograph Book Code for an exclusive in-game emblem Digital copy of The Final Shape OST

The Final Shape Collector’s Edition – No Game Code

Lastly, players who want to collect the physical items from the Collector’s edition separately from the Final Shape expansion have the option to do so with the “No Game Code” bundle. This bundle strictly includes the physical collectible items of the Collector’s Edition, except for the digital OST and the code for an in-game emblem.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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