How to farm SMG without survivors (and what is the God roll)

Quick Links How to Farm the No Survivors SMG

The Ghosts of the Deep dungeon in Destiny 2 sends Guardians into the crushing depths of Titan’s sea of ​​methane to investigate a mysterious Hive ritual. He’s got some good loot to pick up, including a new SMG that can defeat all other weapons of its kind in Season of the Deep.

In Survivors it’s a Legendary, Aggressive Frame, Solar SMG that can roll with some top tier perk combinations, as well as having good base stats. It also comes with a new Origin Perk that is quickly proving to be invaluable in Destiny 2’s PvE. Ghosts of the Deep is a long dungeon, but luckily farming this weapon takes no more than a few minutes for a well-prepared squad. Here’s how to get it.

How to farm the No Survivors SMG Destiny 2 Ecthar Encounter Front Ghosts Of The Deep

This new weapon drops from every major encounter in Ghosts of the Deep, so players won’t have to worry about repeatedly finishing a single one. However, farming the first Ecthar boss is the fastest way to farm for No Survivors.

Ecthar can be killed in a single damage phase with correct loadout and squad setup. For this fight, players must have the following:

Guardians: Nightstalker (Deadfall Anchor), Dawnblade (Well of Radiance), Striker (Thundercrash) Recommended Weapons: Arbalest, Legend of Acrius, Hothead, Gjallarhorn, Lumina, Rapid-Fire Fusion Rifles

The squad must have at least one Hunter and one Warlock when farming this boss, as the effects his Supers provide are simply too valuable. Titans can technically rock any subclass here, but Thundercrash Striker is the best for burst damage. Do the fight mechanics normally and get ready to unleash everything.

As for weapons, Legend of Acrius seems to be the best when it comes to cooking the boss in a single phase. Two Hotheads well rolled with Gjallarhorn can achieve the same result, although this is much riskier as the boss tends to get into melee range. Arbalest can tap into Ecthar’s shield while Lumina can provide a 35% damage boost. Note that the latter’s buff will not stack with Well of Radiance – rather, it will replace it until its duration runs out.

No Survivor God Rolls A PvE Test for the No Survivors SMG in Destiny 2

This SMG comes with the Restoration Ritual Origin Perk, which automatically reloads the weapon after players revive an ally or perform a Finisher. It also grants an extra “emergency reload”, which basically refills the magazine 100% when it is emptied. The Restoration Ritual alone makes this weapon an excellent choice in PvE and a decent choice in Competitive Crucible and Trials of Osiris, and can be combined with the new Discord perk for even more free ammo upgrades.

No Survivors can roll with some S-tier PvP and PvE perks as well, including:

PvE: Surplus, Daredevil, Boxer, Adrenaline Junkie, Collective Action, Burning, Target Lock PvP: Well-Rounded, Rangefinder, Target Lock, Elemental Capacitor

Demolitionist and Adrenaline Junkie is a tried and true combination of strengths that works well on any type of content. It’s particularly good in PvE, but it also has its benefits in Crucible.

Rangefinder is slated to be nerfed this season, so players might want to keep a PvP test run with Well-Rounded or Elemental Capacitor. Both can help with the SMG’s low base stability of 17, which will help players resist flinch and control recoil.

Destiny 2 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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