Destiny 2’s Exotic Navigator is Broken in a Good Way

Destiny 2’s Season of the Depths is already being hailed as one of the best in the game’s history, and that’s likely due to several factors, such as the nostalgic feeling of exploring the depths of Titan, as well as the highly praised Phantoms of the Depths. Dungeon. What makes Destiny 2’s Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon a popular addition is that each of the main encounters doesn’t feel like the same mechanic over and over again, which is more than can be said for the Root of Nightmares Raid from the Lightfall release. As usual with new content like Dungeons and Raids, Ghosts of the Deep also comes with its signature exotic weapon, a tracking rifle called The Navigator, which is pretty broken – but in a good way.

The Navigator isn’t a guaranteed Dungeon drop and can still cause a major headache for players looking to build crafts around it, but there are several Triumphs Destiny 2 players can complete to increase the weapon’s drop rate. above. As it stands, Destiny 2’s The Navigator is the only Strand trace rifle in the game and is one of the most unique Exotic designs players have had access to. Pairing its exotic perks with the Strand’s current options makes The Navigator an amazing weapon to use.

Destiny 2’s The Navigator Opens Many Doors for Strand Buildcrafting Destiny 2 Warlock Strand Subclass new Aspect Season of the Deep

The Navigator has two main Exotic perks, namely the Protective Wave and the Weave Cutter. Protective Wave grants the user and a targeted ally the Woven Mail buff from Destiny 2’s Strand subclasses whenever The Navigator hits an ally, while the Weft Cutter perk cuts through enemy targets after sustained fire, which is another of several Strand debuffs. They are great in both PvP and PvE as Woven Mail reduces incoming damage and Sever reduces target damage output, but players can take them to the next level.

The Destiny 2 Artifact Mods in Season of the Deep feature a number of great options for Strand builds, and they all pair very well with The Navigator. For starters, improved Unraveling increases the amount of damage dealt with Unraveling Rounds, then Strand Soldier grants Unraveling Rounds whenever Strand players get the Woven Mail buff, and finally, Conductive Cosmic Needle causes targets to affected by Strand’s debuffs take more damage from Arc and Void abilities. In a group play scenario, these mods alone make The Navigator a top-notch weapon.

But those aren’t the only combos players can use, as there are other exotics that can be combined with the browser, such as the Cyrtarachne Facade exotic helmet for hunters, which can gain resistance to flinch while Woven Mail is active. What’s probably an even better option is the Destiny 2 Cenotaph Exotic Mask for Warlocks, a Season of the Deep Exotic that has great synergy with tracking rifles, causing them to mark targets for ten seconds and then cause throw ammo to the user and their allies when an ally kills said target with a finisher.

Other big interactions with the Strand subclasses involve the Navigator’s Exotic Catalyst in Destiny 2, which grants players the ability to perform a special reload and then create a grapple point with a single shot. This is particularly good when combined with the Thread of Ascent Fragment for Strand, which allows players to instantly reload their weapons whenever they fight, essentially creating an incredible DPS strategy in both solo and group play. On top of all that, The Navigator also seems to be granting Woven Mail to the wielder even when not hitting an ally with its shots, which makes this weapon a fantastic addition to Guardians’ loadouts.

Destiny 2 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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