Destiny 2 Confirms More Craftable Exotics Are Coming With Season 22 Mission Rotator

Highlights Destiny 2 is introducing updates to its Deepsight weapon crafting system, including the addition of craftable Exotic Weapons in Season 22. The Exotic Mission Rotator is being introduced to increase replayability of older activities and combat seasonal fatigue among the community. Bungie acknowledges past mistakes and plans to bring back Exotic Missions with improvements, starting with the Exotic Mission Pressage in the Rotator cycle.

Destiny 2’s Deepsight weapon crafting has received several updates to improve its functionality, and according to the latest State of the Game blog post, Bungie plans to introduce several Exotic Weapons as craftable offerings in Season 22 alongside the highly-anticipated Exotic Mission Rotator feature. The Exotic Mission Rotator adheres to Bungie’s goal of enriching Destiny 2’s content and improving the replayability of older activities to combat the growing seasonal fatigue in the community.

Destiny 2’s Exotic Missions are a unique avenue for developers to combine intricate narrative beats with challenging combat scenarios and matching rewards, taking players through many locations and side stories of Destiny’s universe. Initially, The Whisper and Zero Hour were introduced as secrets to be discovered. Later, quests like The Other Side, Harbinger, and Pressage were readily available and directly linked to the contemporary seasonal story. These optional activities offered exclusive Exotic weapons, some of which have shaped Destiny 2’s weapon-balancing philosophies. Many of the Exotic Missions were eventually removed from the game with the seasonal content refresh, and the aforementioned The Whisper and Zero Hour were sunset in Beyond Light.

Faced with backlash from the Destiny 2 community, Bungie acknowledged their mistake in a past blog post, with assurances of bringing back Exotic Missions with improved features and adjustments. In the latest State of the Game blog post, the studio confirmed the upcoming Season 22 to introduce the promised Exotic Mission Rotator but also revealed that the mission-exclusive Exotic weapons will be obtainable via the Deepsight crafting system. The post confirmed the Exotic Mission Pressage to kick off the Rotator cycle, with Vox Obscura and Operation: Seraph Shield joining the rotation in subsequent weeks. No further details on other missions, especially The Whisper and Zero Hour, have been provided, however, the studio promises to share more information in an upcoming This Week In Destiny blog post.

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The post provides spare information on the crafting limitations. Thankfully, a previous weekly blog post from July 27 offers some insight that states Destiny 2’s Dead Man’s Tale Exotic will follow standard Deepsight weapon crafting requirements, where players will obtain red-border weapons to unlock the craftable pattern. Players will also naturally earn pre-rolled copies of the DMT with each completion, giving an additional avenue to farm for potential god rolls in cases of bad luck with Deepsight progression. Unless Bungie offers differing reward sources for each Exotic Weapon, it’s safe to assume that Dead Messenger and Revision Zero will also have craftable Deepsight patterns.

The Exotic Mission Rotator is not a complete rollback on the sunsetting, but it is a step in the right direction, one that will be welcomed by many in the community. Coupled with changes to ritual activities, weapon balancing, and more, Season 22 is shaping up to be a major step toward The Final Shape and Destiny 2’s future.

Destiny 2 is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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