Destiny 2 to Get Multiple Quality-of-Life Fixes

Highlights Destiny 2 Season 22 will bring several quality-of-life fixes and core sandbox updates, improving existing features and fixing bugs. Pinned cosmetics will be displayed at the top of their lists, making it easier for players to choose their favorites. Season 22 will introduce streamlined features like consolidated quests, a Resource tab in the Collections menu, and immediate rank-up rewards in Crucible activities.

Bungie has revealed several quality-of-life fixes and core sandbox updates will be made in Destiny 2 Season 22. Destiny 2 regularly receives updates that improve existing features and fix bugs, and Season 22 appears to have one of the biggest updates of Year 6 yet.

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep is winding down, and Season 22 will bring players one step closer to the Final Shape expansion in 2024. Bungie will host a Destiny 2 Showcase on August 22 to reveal new details about future seasons and the upcoming expansion, including the reason why Cayde-6 has returned. Ahead of the showcase, Bungie was willing to share several details about what fans can expect in Seasons 22 and 23.

Bungie’s new State of the Game blog post for Destiny 2 outlines various quality-of-life fixes and changes that will be made in Season 22. Starting in Destiny 2 Season 22, up to 100 shaders, ornaments, and emotes may be pinned. Pinned cosmetics will be displayed at the top of their respective lists, allowing players to easily choose their favorites upon opening the menu. Moreover, transmat cosmetic items will be considered unlocks per account instead of consumables in Season 22, Stasis Aspects and Fragments will be finally moved to the vendor system. Players who complete the Beyond Light campaign will be able to acquire all available Stasis Aspects and Fragments from Elsie Bray in Europa.


The Wish-Ender exotic quest will be consolidated into a single quest strand, and charged and uncharged discs will no longer be considered inventory items while progressing the exotic quest in Season 22. Bungie will also introduce a Resource tab in the Collections menu, which shows currencies upgrade materials, and engrams. This particular tab will display information about how to acquire and use the resources in Destiny 2 as well. Further, players may look forward to two Iron Banner “stacking” challenges per day when the event returns in Season 22. One Iron Banner challenge does not require the use of seasonal subclasses, while the second challenge offers pinnacle rewards for using seasonal subclasses in matches.

The last quality-of-life change for Destiny 2 Season 22 involves immediate rank-up rewards in Crucible activities. In Season 22 and beyond, players will now receive ritual rank rewards immediately after leveling up, so there’s no need to go back to orbit at the end of a PvP match.

Season 22 appears to streamline many of Destiny 2’s existing features in order to make the game more convenient for fans. The ritual rank-up change was long overdue with some fans having requested this change back in Season 3. At the very least, Bungie is committed to improving how players approach Destiny 2 and its myriad of in-game systems ahead of The Final Shape’s launch.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Source: Bungie

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