Destiny 2 Season of the Witch Removes Time-Gated Grind to Unlock Stasis

Highlights Bungie has made unlocking the Stasis subclass in Destiny 2 less frustrating by allowing players to purchase Aspects and Fragments from the Exo Stranger’s vendor page. Season of the Witch brings new updates to Destiny 2, including making older exotic catalysts easier to obtain and bringing changes to content from the Beyond Light expansion. Players can now purchase Stasis abilities, grenades, fragments, and aspects with glimmer, with no time-gating restrictions. However, the cost for acquiring everything is substantial.

Bungie has made unlocking the Stasis subclass in Destiny 2 much less frustrating and grindy after updating the Exo Stranger’s vendor page to allow for Aspect and Fragment purchasing. Destiny 2 continues to evolve over time, with new seasonal updates constantly bringing in new changes and quality of life improvements. Season of the Witch continues this trend with tons of updates including making many legacy and older Destiny 2 exotic catalysts easier to obtain by reducing the grind.

Season 22 has also had a big impact on content originally introduced inside of the Beyond Light expansion, which launched a few years ago. The biggest addition for many was the first darkness based subclass called Stasis, giving players access to powers that were able to slow, freeze, and shatter. However, getting the subclass and all of its fragments and aspects proved to be more of a grind following the completion of the Beyond Light campaign as many were time gated and required players to go on various missions before they could be unlocked. Ultimately, it would take a while for fans to collect everything, though all of that changes inside of Season 22.

Inside of the Season of the Witch patch notes, Bungie reveals that the Exo Stranger now utilizes the new vendor subclass system, similar to the refreshed inventory system of Ikora at the Tower when purchasing Light based abilities. While Destiny 2 players will need to still complete the Beyond Light campaign in order to gain access to Stasis, acquiring all of its abilities, grenades, fragments, and aspects no longer require patience in order to obtain. They can all be purchased normally with glimmer and better yet, players can pick up as many as they can afford, whereas previously, only two fragments could be acquired per week.

Destiny 2 Exo Stranger

Interested players can head to the Beyond fast travel waypoint on Europa to find the Exo Stranger, though the Glimmer cost to acquire everything will be substantial. Supers require 7,500 glimmer, while class abilities come in at 1,000 and Melee, Jumps, and Grenades cost 3,000 each. However, things start to get real pricey when Destiny 2 players factor in all Stasis Aspects and Fragments which cost 5,000 and 25,000 glimmer for each.

In addition to essentially unlocking Stasis for everyone, Bungie seemingly empowered the other darkness subclass, Strand, through new aspects. To this point, the new aspects appear to be pretty strong, as Titans have flocked to Banner of War which not only empowers melee and sword kills, but provides a healing effect as well. However, it appears the Weavewalk aspect for Warlocks has become too strong to the point that Bungie has disabled the new Strand aspect entirely as players report that it makes players using it nearly indestructable.

Destiny 2 is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Bungie

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