Destiny 2 Fans Have Interesting Theory About How Powerful Eris Morn Is


Eris Morn’s transformation in Season of the Witch has sparked speculation about her newfound power as a Hive god. Players believe that Eris may be stronger than any other Hive god, including characters like Oryx, due to her ability to grow in power freely. The potential showdown between Eris and Xivu Arath has players excited, although some are concerned about the latter being written off too soon.

The latest season of Destiny 2 already got things rolling in grand fashion with Eris Morn’s transformation, which has some players speculating that the Tower’s Hive expert may actually be the most powerful Hive god in the Destiny universe. Since her return to the Last City in The Dark Below, the former Hunter has been guardians’ go-to on how to combat the Hive and their many gods such as Crota and Savathun. The start of Season of the Witch, though, sees Eris tap more directly into the dark power The Witness’ servants wield and results in a dramatic change that brings with it quite the boost in power.

Season of the Witch is the latest season of Destiny 2, picking up shortly after the conclusion of Season of the Deep as the Vanguard now finds itself in the dubious position of potentially resurrecting Savathun to ask for her help against The Witness. To do so, Savathun’s ghost Immaru says players will first need to deal with Xivu Arath, as she has been pushing further into the Sol System and is trying to wipe out the Lucent Brood. The deal, as a result, sees Eris Morn transform herself into a Hive god to strengthen herself through tithes paid by the guardians serving as her acolytes with the ultimate goal of facing the Hive god of war directly.

While the transformation already saw Eris Morn become more powerful, some players believe that she may be more powerful than any of the other Hive gods in the Destiny universe. Reddit user dkdj25’s own theory suggests that Eris is already stronger than any Ascendant Hive, including characters such as Oryx, as she tapped into the Hive’s power by consuming a worm larva from one of the Worm Gods. The theory argues that beings such as Oryx and Xivu Arath are inherently weaker since they have to constantly feed their worm to maintain their power, while Eris is not bound by this and is able to grow in power more freely as the new Hive god of vengeance.

The Reddit user’s theory appeared to strike a chord with several players, many of whom agreed with the idea and expressed their excitement at the prospect of Eris potentially being the strongest Hive god. The only concern some players had was how a potential showdown between Eris and Xivu Arath could go and if it could mean the latter being written off before players have the chance to face her. Others pushed back, arguing since Bungie has pit players against most of the other major Hive gods directly, whether it be in campaigns or raids, that it won’t be any different with the Hive god of war.

Given Season of the Witch has only just started, only time will tell just how powerful Eris Morn ends up becoming. Characters such as Ikora Rey have expressed their concern about what the dramatic transformation could do to Eris the longer it lasts and if it is a price worth paying. Players will likely learn this by the end of the season and whether the gambit was ultimately successful in stopping Xivu Arath.

Destiny 2 is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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