Diablo 4: Best Unique Accessories, Ranked

Highlights Unique items in Diablo 4 are the most difficult to come by and offer impressive buffs and benefits for players. The Ring of Starless Skies is a handy accessory that provides useful bonuses such as Critical Strike and Core Skill enhancements. The Melted Heart of Selig is a valuable amulet that increases resource generation and maximizes a character’s resource capacity.

Adventurers love their precious loot. Otherwise, why go out and slay monsters in the first place? The Diablo franchise made a name for itself tapping into the gamer world’s insatiable lust for cool stuff. In the world of Diablo 4, gear, equipment, and accessories are divided into different categories to denote their quality.

The Common items are on the bottom, followed by Magic, then Rare, followed by Legendary, with Unique items at the very top of the pyramid. Unique items are more difficult to come by than any other item, dropping randomly from high-level elite bosses or being rewarded for completing Tier III and Tier IV tasks and achievements. A few are class-specific, while others are great for any type of character, and these are some of the best Unique items in Diablo 4.

Updated on August 25th, 2023, by Kristy Ambrose: There was only one thing about Season of the Malignant that players and critics seemed to agree was positive, and that was the addition of a few pieces of shiny new loot. The endgame players were the ones that saw the most improvement, which means a few more uniques to add to an already burgeoning pile of golden riches. As for the ones that were already in the game, they now drop more often in Nightmare dungeons, so players have a much better chance and acquiring them and their impressive buffs, benefits, and ability improvements.

9 Ring of Starless Skies (Any Class) ring of starles skies split image diablo 4

Even if it is one of the more generic of the Unique accessories, this ring is handy and offers a lot of useful bonuses. The Ring of Starless Skies gives generous buffs to Critical Strike, Lucky Hit, Core Skill, and Critical Strike Damage. In addition, the character gets extra resistance to cold and frost damage, which makes this one of the best Unique items in Diablo 4.

As if that wasn’t enough to make this a mighty ring, it also reduces the resource cost any time the player casts a Core Spell. This means more Fury, Mana, Spirit, or Essence, depending on the class.

8 Esadora’s Overflowing Cameo (Sorcerer) Diablo 4 Beta Best Sorcerer Build Collage

This is one of the best Unique items in Diablo 4 for a Lighting Sorcerer build, and still handy even for Pyromancers and Ice Mages. The powers of the amulet are said to come from how the necklace absorbed Esadora’s incredible magical powers along with her hatred and misanthropy.

The amulet gives the spellcasting class a useful extra ability connected to the power of Crackling Nova. The more a player collects, the better chance they have of randomly casting an AoE ability, Lightning Nova. Other great buffs include better elemental resistance, faster movement, and extra ranks to the spell Shocking Impact.

7 Hunter’s Zenith (Druid) diablo-4_druid-werebear

This ring starts with some better-than-average bonuses for every Druid and only gets better. Any player in the class can equip it for the poison and lightning resistance, bonus ranks to the Quickshift ability, improvements to damage while Shapeshifted, and a better Critical Strike in Werewolf form.

Druids that specialize in tearing their enemies apart in animal form will appreciate the special ability, which grants a bonus depending on whether the player makes a kill in werewolf or werebear form. Werewolf form resets cooldowns and refunds Spirit and Werebear form self-heals, one of the few abilities in the game that does so.

6 Deathspeaker’s Pendant (Necromancer) diablo 4 dungeon entrance forgotten depths necromancer minions

This amulet is only for Necromancers, and the only ability it has that would be useful to another class is the very nice improved resistance to all elemental damage and Overpower chance. Everything else is only for the keepers of the dead, focusing on Summoning and Blood Skill damage, along with an extra rank for Coalesced Blood.

There’s another great boon for anyone who includes the AoE ability Bloodsurge in their build. Using the ability casts a mini-nova on the undead minions, turning them into individual corpse bombs. Any Necromancer that uses a Blood-based Skill Tree build needs this Unique accessory; it’s one the best Unique items for their class in Diablo 4.

5 Flamescar (Sorcerer) Diablo 4 Ranged Weapons Flamescar

This wand is essential for any fire-spell-related build. Even a Sorcerer who likes to chill out with an ice-based talent tree build would benefit from using Flamescar, provided they have at least a point or two in the Incinerate talent. Even without it, carrying this wand still improves a few of the essential Sorcerer abilities, like Lucky Hit chance, and improved non-physical damage.

Coupled with Incinerate, however, this wand is a key part of any endgame Sorcerer build. In addition to the benefits that it grants to any Sorcerer, it improves Lucky Hit chance with fire-related damage, inflicts more damage to enemies that are already on fire, and adds one to three more ranks to the Incinerate talent.

As if that wasn’t enough, the wand has one more important benefit. When the Sorcerer is channeling the Incinerate spell, it has the additional effect of shooting burning embers at nearby enemies in case they aren’t on fire already. As the description says, “The burn may heal, but pain is eternal.”

4 Battle Trance (Barbarian) Battle Trance (Barbarian) split image

It’s a Barbarian’s amulet, and no other class can equip it, but it has a lot of great skills that any class can use. Most of the powers of Battle Trance are defensive, including improved resistance to all elemental damage and reducing damage from enemies in melee range, so for extra AC, it’s one of the best Unique items in Diablo 4.

The improvements to Frenzy are what make this amulet stand out for Barbarians. A Basic Skill that’s the foundation for several different builds, this amulet adds three ranks to Frenzy, increases the maximum number of stacks, and buffs other skills while at maximum power.

3 Melted Heart of Selig (Any Class) Melted Heart of Selig split image with screenshot cutscene

The Melted Heart of Selig is an amulet with some generous defensive powers that are great for any class, and this item is usable by any player who picks it up. The bonuses start with +18 to all elemental resistance, then buff stats, Core Skill damage output, resource regeneration ability, and damage output while at 80% of health or more.

What makes this accessory more useful than other Unique items in Diablo 4 is the resource generation ability. This ability makes the character’s maximum resource capacity 30% bigger, and when damage is taken in combat, it is drained from the resource pool instead of Health. Anything that gives a character better resource generation is a priority for any class.

2 Word of Hakan (Rogues) Diablo 4 Rain Of Arrows Skill Description

The Word of Hakan is an amulet so coveted by this class that players build their skill trees around it, especially for Rogues that specialize in poison-related abilities and the Rain of Arrows skill. It drops only from monsters of level 85 or higher, or from mobs and bosses in Nightmare Dungeons, which is normal for a Unique item.

This amulet improves what is a veritable “to-do” list for virtually any Rogue build. It reduces any magical damage the character takes, reduces cooldown time, and improves the critical strike damage and rank to any Imbued skills. For Rain of Arrows, it has all possible Imbued skills as long as the character has this amulet equipped.

1 Mother’s Embrace (Any Class) mother's embrace cropped

For players that don’t venture any further than Adventurer Tier I or Veteran Tier II, this might be the only Unique they ever see. Everyone gets a shot at Lilith as long as they play the campaign until the end, and she drops this ring when defeated, which is the main reason it’s a Unique accessory that any class can use.

The basic improvement to all stats is an impressive start. It offers Fire and Shadow resistance, Lucky Hit Chance, Critical Strike Chance, and Overpower Damage, but that’s not all. As a bonus, if one of the player’s Core Skills hits five or more enemies, the resource used to power that skill is partly refunded. That means more Mana, Spirit, Essence, or Fury for the slaying, and ideal for any build.

DIablo 4 is available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

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