Diablo 4: What are faded boards?

Diablo 4’s open world setting is full of things to do. Players will need to search for hidden Lilith altars, tackle dungeons, fight world bosses like Ashava, find caches of treasure, and much more. Some of the things players can find are a bit mysterious and might require a bit of a puzzle. One of these hidden and secret items on the map is called a Faded Plaque, and some players might be a little confused about how to interact with these strange things that can appear in many different locations.

Updated June 3, 2023, by Mina Smith: With the full release of Diablo 4, a bunch of new Faded Plate puzzles have popped up across Sanctuary. In order to know which of the many emotes to use in the face of each of these new puzzles, this article needed to be updated with all the possible new types of Plates that players can find.

What are faded boards in Diablo 4?

Faded plaques can appear in several different locations on the open world map of Diablo 4. They look like statutes with plaques carved on the front. When a player interacts with it, it says, “Most of the inscription is lost to time. There are several different possibilities for the words carved into the plaque, but the most important one will be all capital letters.


After interacting with the board, Diablo 4 players will receive a mysterious bonus; says, “You feel a strange presence looking deep into your soul.” If players leave the area, the sign will disappear.

How to interact with faded Diablo 4 signs

To gain the buff of these mysterious statues in this popular ARPG, players just need to look at the capitalized word; this will give a clue as to what emote players must do in front of the statue to gain the true buff.

GIVE HELP Meek Impotent Diablo-4-Faded-Plaque-04

Use the Help emote on the GIVE AID card and gain a buff that grants the player character Barrier, a damage shield to protect a player’s HP.

HEALTH death with open arms Diablo-4-Faded-Plaque-03-2

Say “hi” to the board with the Hello emote; this will give players an invisibility buff that hides them from enemy sight, but with a catch.

Dare to PROVOKE Ire Fate Diablo-4-Faded-Plaque-05

Taunt the PROVOKE card to gain the buff called Unstoppable. This means that control-impairing effects are removed and prevented on that character.

SAY GOODBYE to everything you love Diablo-4-Faded-Plaques-Update-02

Using the emote wheel in Diablo 4, say goodbye to the plate to get a temporary movement speed bonus.

EMBOLDEN Soul Relentless Evil Diablo-4-Faded-Plaques-Update-03

Use the Cheer emote to get a small friendly spirit to help you in battle temporarily.

ATONEMENT Thy Darkest Sins Diablo-4-Faded-Plaques-Update-05

Use the sorry emote for a drop of some potions.

GRATITUDE Virtuous Reward Diablo-4-Faded-Plaques-Update-04

Use the thank you emote to get additional gold from kills for a short time.

Diablo 4 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X.

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