Diablo 4: How to Open Mutterlock Chests

In Diablo 4, players have the ability to travel the map, explore dungeons, collect materials to build the best possible build, and more. But there are loads of hidden little secrets all over the map, from emote puzzles to Altars of Lilith. One of the stranger puzzles that players can stumble across is called a Mutterlock Chest.

Not only are these chests hard to find, they are even challenging to get open. Many Diablo 4 players will want to know not only where to find these elusive chests, but how to open them, and if the treasures inside are worth all the trouble.

What are Mutterlock Chests in Diablo 4 diablo 4 target farming uniques removed from helltide chests

Mutterlock Chests are exclusive to Nightmare Dungeons in Diablo 4. They are extremely rare; players may put a hundred hours into the game without seeing one. They have the same look as silent chests; they are treasure chests with chains around them. When a player interacts with the chest, it will give a list of Latin phrases that the player can choose to say back to the chest. If players choose the wrong phrase, the chest disappears, taking its loot with it.

How to Get Mutterlock Chests Open in Diablo 4 diablo 4 heart cage

Nearby to each of the Mutterlock Chests, there will be three inscriptions; walk around the rooms where these chests are located and look for things players can interact with. Memorize the word each of the three says, and it will combine to make one of the several phrases. Go back to the chest, and interact with it. Click on the phrase the inscriptions have muttered, and the chest will open up. Make sure to click the right one; a wrong move will yield the player nothing at all. Once the right phrase is chosen, it will turn into a different kind of Diablo 4 treasure chest, a Resplendent Chest.

What Can Be Inside Mutterlock Chests in Diablo 4 Lillith Diablo4

So, the real question is whether it’s worth it to go through the trouble of opening these chests or not. The items that can be found inside are the same as those in a Resplendent Chest. So players can find a modest amount of gold inside, as well as a couple of rare items. Depending on the world tier players are in, they can even drop sacred items or ancestral items. For the most part, it isn’t worth the time it takes to get these fairly annoying chests open. By the time players are looking to head to some nightmare dungeons to farm XP or glyphs, they might be better off just skipping them.

Diablo 4 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X.

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