Diablo 4 Player Finds Chest Armor With Over 7,000 Thorns


A Diablo 4 player has found a Razorplate Ancestral Unique Chest Armor with over 7,000 thorns, which is a rarity and a significant find in the game. Thorns are an offensive stat that causes damage to enemies when they attack players, and having a higher number of thorns increases the damage caused. Other players have also found armor with even more thorns, such as a Razorplate Unique with around 13,854 thorns, indicating that higher-level armor has a higher chance of having more thorns.

A Diablo 4 player has found a Razorplate Ancestral Unique Chest Armor with over 7,000 thorns. While having more Thorns in a player’s armor is always beneficial, this particular armor piece in Diablo 4 takes it to a whole different level.

Thorns are an interesting offensive stat in Diablo 4 where they cause damage to enemies who land attacks on the players. The higher the number of Thorns, the higher the damage caused to enemies who attack players. Different armor pieces can roll with different amount of Thorns, and increasing the character’s Intelligence stat will buff the damage cause by them. However, finding an armor piece with such a high number of Thorns is a rarity, which is why this discovery is particularly interesting.

In a post on Twitter, user GrumpyLofty posted their triumphant find in Diablo 4 which was the Razorplate Unique chest piece that gave them 7,317 Thorns. Even they admitted being pleasantly surprised by the high number of Thorns on the armor piece as they mentioned that their previous builds gave them a maximum of 700 thorns. Other players in the comments section congratulated them for this find, but also pointed out that this particular Unique item can roll with even more Thorns. For instance, user Cody Cutrer shared an image of the same Razorplate Unique that had around 13,854 Thorns, which could be increased by adding some gems to the armor. The item power of their piece was at 820+25 which is usually obtained after level 70, indicating that obtaining Razorplate at a higher level could increase its chances of having more Thorns.

Of late, Diablo 4 players have come across a couple of other rare items in the game as well. For instance, one player recently obtained a Brutal Malignant Heart in Diablo 4 with a “broken” perk, where having at least 0 enemies near them would trigger it. The community was intrigued by the “0 enemies” requirement which basically meant that the Heart’s perk would remain active at all times. Another player also came across a Dragon staff with a bizarre name which was “Dragon Staff_Other(No grammatical form from caller or noun markup).” The community inferred that it was probably an oversight from the developers who forgot to give it a unique name.

In other news, Diablo 4 is hosting another Campfire Chat on July 28 to explain the changes arriving with Patch 1.1.1. These reworks are in direct response to the backlash Blizzard faced after the release of its Season 1 update for the game.

Diablo 4 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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