After 2 Months, Diablo 4 Has Still Not Added This Popular Live Service Feature


Fans of Diablo 4 are disappointed that the game still doesn’t have weekend events, which are common in live service games. Blizzard has yet to introduce time-sensitive events with special rewards in Diablo 4, unlike previous games like Overwatch 2. Some players believe that weekend events could add purpose to the game, while others argue that there are more pressing issues that need to be addressed first.

Fans of the recently released Diablo 4 have pointed out that the game still does not include any kind of weekend events, a popular feature in many live service games, two months after launch. In a departure from previous games in the beloved RPG franchise, Diablo 4 is being continuously developed by Blizzard as a live service product, bringing all the expectations and potential pitfalls that come with this development strategy.

One of the main objectives of live service developers is to keep players coming back to their game as consistently as possible, and a common strategy for achieving this goal is to introduce time-sensitive events with special gameplay rewards. Blizzard has previously employed this tactic in the form of double XP weekend events in Overwatch 2, but the company has yet to introduce comparable events into Diablo 4.

This lack of weekend events was questioned in a post by Reddit user eazy937 on the Diablo 4 subreddit. The user proposed several possible types of incentives that these events could offer, such as double XP, higher Unique chances, or bosses dropping special loot during Helltide events, any of which, they argued, could “give this game some purposes.” The post’s comment section hosted a lively discussion among players, some supporting the idea of weekend events while others expressed skepticism. Many fans seemed hostile to the notion of time-locked events in general, claiming they were “anti-fun” and designed to exploit “FOMO,” or fear of missing out. Others were more receptive to the idea, but pointed out that Blizzard had more pressing issues with Diablo 4’s online features that should be addressed first.

Other users in the comments thread pointed out that Diablo 4 is still missing several popular and highly requested quality-of-life features, which they thought should take precedence over weekend events. One of the issues mentioned multiple times in the discussion was the lack of a filter or search bar for the stash, but fortunately Blizzard has confirmed it is working on a Diablo 4 loot filter.

As Blizzard continues to modify and expand Diablo 4, it is likely that new features will be introduced with each major update. As such, weekend events may be coming to the game sooner or later, but so far the developers have not stated any plans to implement such features. After a series of disappointing and frustrating updates, many passionate fans have already ditched the game, and those still playing broadly agree that Diablo 4 needs some big changes in its next season in order to get back on track. Whether Blizzard will manage to appease these fans with future updates remains to be seen.

Diablo 4 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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