Diet And Fitness Secrets To Steal From BLACKPINK’s JENNIE, Take Cues

Diet And Fitness Secrets To Steal From BLACKPINK’s JENNIE, Take Cues


Summer is approaching, and many people are seeking a glow-up fitness program. We went to none other than Blackpink for ideas for staying active and looking nice 24/7, as K-pop stars are always required to stay in shape in order to look good for their regular TV and stage appearances. We’ve gathered the band’s tips for achieving summer body goals, from better food plans to their love of Pilates.



Everyone wants to know Jennie’s secret to her slender, toned physique. In a 2018 Cosmopolitan Korea interview, the current face of Chanel provided her advice, emphasizing that finding a routine that works for you will lead to a happy life in the long term. Jennie began flying yoga and Pilates three years ago because she found it difficult to commit to just one activity. She appears to like Pilates since she has several images of her remarkable positions on her Instagram profile. She said in January 2020 that she will be working out every day, including over the Lunar New Year break.



Of course, the fact that both Jisoo and Jennie have been practicing flying yoga since 2017 is well-known among Blinks. Perhaps this, too, has contributed to Jennie’s fit and healthy appearance, which includes broad shoulders, a slim waist, and powerful legs.



What about her nutrition strategy? To minimize bloating before promotional events, Jennie eats bland, low-salt meals – such as oatmeal – and her go-to healthy menu includes avocado salad and detox juice every day.

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