Dislyte Codes (September 2023)

Dislyte is a gacha RPG where developers combined mythology, giving the characters the powers of different gods, in a neon cyberpunk world. An integral part of most free mobile games is resources. They keep players interested and encourage constant progress. But, sometimes, players may want to get some goodies for free. In this case, Dislyte codes come to the rescue, and they will be listed in the article below.

All Dislyte Codes Dislyte Codes (1)

The developers of Dislyte often add new codes to the game, usually for events, holidays, etc. These codes often expire, so only a few remain active at a particular time. That is why it is crucial to have a source of information from which these new codes can be obtained, and players will find all the help that they need here. It is updated every month to check for new codes and to see if the old ones are still active. So, players can bookmark it to be able to get valuable freebies constantly.

Active Codes (August 2023) PlayDislyte – Enter this code to claim 100 Nexus Crystal and Gold Record. Expired Codes (August 2023) fightwithgods Dislyte100D HeroStory Lilith10th Chensgift002 MarkiplierInDislyte EasterEggs 2023Valentine JuneGift DislyteSpecial99 GirlPower nicetoseeu B50K DislyteYTB50K esperunion JontronShow AviveHD TGTyoutube LingBigYong StSkiCrimax JoinDislyte GirlPower chensgift001 Christmas2022 2022halloween JontronShow AviveHD TGTyoutube StSkiCrimax LingBigYong Zoxlyte Dislyte2022 HAPPYEASTER2022 How To Redeem Codes In Dislyte Dislyte Codes (4)

Like in other mobile games, redeeming codes in Dislyte is necessary to get free rewards. But there are actually two ways to redeem a code in the game. So below, fans can learn about each of these methods.

Redemption in the Game Dislyte Codes (2)

The first method is simpler and doesn’t require leaving the game:

First, it requires launching Dislyte. Then, if users are playing for the first time, they need to go through the tutorial and complete 1-13 Training Assault Battle on Easy Mode. When this is done, go to the main screen of the game and tap on the avatar that is located on the top left. After that, tap on the Settings button located at the bottom right. Next, fans should tap the Services button and scroll down a bit. Then, tap the Gift Code button. Finally, when the menu appears, enter the above-mentioned code in the Enter the code field and tap Confirm to receive the rewards. Redemption on the Website Dislyte Codes (3)

If players are more comfortable redeeming codes on the website, this method will be more suitable for them:

Just like in the previous method, if players are playing for the first time, they need to go through the tutorial and complete 1-13 Training Assault Battle on Easy Mode. They need to visit the official website of the developers, where fans can redeem codes. After that, users must return to the game. On the main screen, it is necessary to tap on the avatar that is located on the top left. After that, find the UID that is located in this menu on the top left. Return to the code redemption site, rewrite the UID in the Enter Text field, and click or tap Send Code. The next step is to return to the game and go to the mailbox. This can be done from the main screen of the game, and the button itself is located at the top right. Fans should receive a Verification Code in their in-game mail, which they should enter on the website in the Enter Verification Code field. Finally, gamers should simply click Log In, enter or paste the above code, and tap or click Redeem to receive the reward.

Keep in mind that in both cases, the reward comes to the in-game mail, and to receive it, it is necessary to go to the mail, open the letter, and tap Claim.

Dislyte is available now for Android and iOS.

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