Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Language of Flowers Walkthrough

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a fun life sim that immerses players in a world inhabited by some of the most iconic Disney and Pixar characters. As the game progresses, players can partake in many engaging activities with those characters, treat them to delicious meals, build their houses, and complete their friendship quests.

Friendship quests are a crucial part of Disney Dreamlight Valley, and completing these quests allows players to increase their friendship levels with characters and unlock more quests and rewards. One such quest is The Language of Flowers. Completing it requires players to make a flower arrangement and deliver it to Mickey.

How to Complete The Language of Flowers in Disney Dreamlight Valley minnie asking the player to collect flower disney dreamlight valley

Players will need to fulfill a few prerequisites to unlock The Language of Flowers friendship quest. First things first, they should unlock Minnie by completing the Memory Magnification friendship quest for Mickey. Furthermore, they will also need to raise their friendship with Minnie to level two. This can be easily done by gifting her flowers and holding daily conversations with her.

Talk to Minnie speaking with minnie disney dreamlight valley

To start The Language of Flowers quest, Dreamers will have to talk to Minnie. Upon talking to her, they will find out that the beloved mouse is enthralled by the exquisite flowers in the valley. She will request players to collect a few blue star lilies, intending to give them as a gift to Mickey Mouse.

Collect Blue Star Lilies

Blue Star Lilies are found exclusively in the Forest of Valor biome. However, those who have never visited this region must first unlock it using 3,000 Dreamlight. After unlocking it, players should look for these blue flowers on the ground. They have a star-like appearance but can be surprisingly hard to find due to their light blue color.

It is important to note that players won’t find all six blue star lilies initially. This is because a total of four such flowers are found in the region, and another flower will spawn only after players collect one of those initial four.

Make a Flower Arrangement and Visit Mickey how to make minnie's flower arrangement disney dreamlight valley

After collecting the required number of flowers, saviors should head back to Minnie, who will give them a flower pot and ask them to make a flower arrangement using the following flowers:

1 x white and red hydrangea 4 x red bell flowers 6 x blue star lilies.

White and red hydrangeas are native to Dazzle Beach, while red bell flowers grow in the Forest of Valor. After picking these flowers, simply go to a crafting station and make Minnie’s flower arrangement.

Once done, players should speak to Minnie, who will love the arrangement, and ask them to deliver it to Mickey. Therefore, the player must go to Mickey and present him with the flower arrangement. Once this has been done, talking to Minnie one final time will complete the quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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