Disney Dreamlight Valley Reveals 2 New Characters Coming in the Enchanted Adventure Update


Belle and Beast from Beauty and the Beast are joining Disney Dreamlight Valley in the upcoming Enchanted Adventure update. The update is expected to be released to celebrate Dreamlight Valley’s first anniversary, although no confirmed release date has been announced. Fans are excited about the addition of these beloved characters, and some speculate that the update may include elements from The Nightmare Before Christmas as well.

The Enchanted Adventure update for Disney Dreamlight Valley is almost live, and it’s adding Belle and Beast from the critically acclaimed 1991 film. Belle was originally teased for Disney Dreamlight Valley in August.

Currently in early access, Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life-sim game with adventure elements, and has been positively received since it first launched in September 2022. It follows the player’s customizable avatar as they restore a magical valley filled with many classic Disney and Pixar characters, many of whom feature their original actors reprising their roles. Various updates have been released, offering new realms based on classic movies complete with their own questlines, and brand-new cosmetic updates that can either be worn as clothing or used to decorate the player’s customizable house.

As posted on Twitter via Disney Dreamlight Valley’s official account, the Enchanted Adventure update is poised to add Belle and Prince Adam/Beast from Beauty and the Beast as new characters to assist and interact with. It is simply described as “upcoming” with no confirmed release date, but it is intended to celebrate Dreamlight Valley’s first anniversary. The attached teaser isn’t really a video, but rather a 10-second still of a promotional poster, with whimsical music in the background.

Fans in the comments appeared elated by the news, expressing their love for the characters and the movie they came from, with some stating that they would be picking the game back up again in order to experience this. A notable amount of users noted the curled hilltop in the background, hinting at a tie-in with the 1993 cult classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas, something Disney Dreamlight Valley fans have already speculated would make an appearance. Several others also expressed hope for the inclusion of costumes based on the various characters, instead of only having the customizable real-world outfits.

Judging by that reception alone, it seems this Enchanted Adventure update will be popular among the playerbase. Beauty and the Beast is widely considered to be one of the greatest Disney films ever made, with much praise being directed towards the characterization of its titular leads. Given what brilliant creations Disney Dreamlight Valley fans have made within the game’s engine, it should be a treat to see what they do once this new update finally drops.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available now in early access and set to release officially on October 27, 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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