Divinity: Original Sin 2 – 20 Best Unique Armor Pieces, Ranked

Highlights Gear customization in Divinity: Original Sin 2 is extensive, granting stat upgrades and special abilities to classes. Special armor pieces are crucial for success, as they provide unique abilities and protection against status effects. Hunting down powerful armor sets, such as the Four Relics of Rivellon, can greatly enhance character power and abilities.

The breadth of gear customization in Divinity: Original Sin 2 is almost unmatched by any modern RPG. In this game, gear not only gives stat and defense upgrades, but it can also grant unique abilities to classes normally unable to use them. For instance, a Knight would not usually be able to teleport, but with the Teleportation Gloves, they can do so with grace. Armor in Divinity: Original Sin 2 is something that players will constantly seek out for both direct abilities and special upgrades.

Generally, armor found in the natural progression of the story gets the party geared well enough to beat the game’s content. Not all armor is created equally, though. There are lots of special armor pieces that every player should hunt down, which is important in a game where gear is imperative to a player’s success. Without adequate physical and magical armor protection, party members will be bombarded by a wealth of status effects and rendered completely ineffective in no time at all!

Updated September 9, 2023 by Ritwik Mitra: With the immensely successful launch of Baldur’s Gate 3, it’s easy to see why all eyes are on Larian Studios and the wealth of amazing games they’ve released before this masterpiece.

Fans of the studio were very much confident that the sequel to one of the most beloved CRPGs of all time was bound to be incredible, especially since their previous title, Divinity: Original Sin 2, was a masterclass in every way and showed just how far the formula for this genre could evolve in the right hands. The game is also devilishly hard, and players who don’t want to find themselves at a disadvantage should definitely get the best equipment around to make their trek through the game easy and manageable.

20 The Gloves Of Teleportation Divinity Original Sin 2 Gloves of Teleportation Unique Armor

The Gloves of Teleportation are a must-find for players starting a fresh run through Divinity: Original Sin 2. They don’t have great armor stats, and they’re not worth a lot of money. Their value instead comes from the namesake Teleportation enchantment, which gives the wearer access to one of the most useful spells in the game for any character and class.

It can be found as part of The Teleporter side quest in Fort Joy, which can be picked up from Gawin in the Fort Joy ghetto. He instructs the player to defeat a group of crocodiles who seem to be able to teleport all around the battlefield, one of which will drop the Gloves of Teleportation upon death.

19 Ave Layal (Gloves) Divinity Original Sin 2 Unique Armor Ave Layal

Ave Layal is one of the best armor pieces that Divinity 2 offers for any character who wields magic-based abilities. In addition to +5 intelligence, +2 Constitution and Wits, and boosts to Necromancer and Initiative, it also gives the user immunity to being silenced, alongside the Silencing Stare skill.

These gloves turn a witch, summoner, sorcerer, or other mage class into a near-unstoppable arcane machine that resists other mages’ attempts to silence them while silencing them right back. It’s found in the Owlmistress’ Office in Kemm Gardens, a later-game area in Arx. The chest containing them is locked, though, so players will have to figure out a way to break in without causing alarm.

18 The Silent Path (Helmet) The Silent Path Divinity 2 Best Armor

The Silent Path gives a pretty decent amount of armor, both physical and magical, and also provides the Battering Ram skill. Additionally, it grants its wearer two effects while worn: Silenced and Clear-Minded, making it one of the more complex Divinity Original Sin 2 unique armor pieces.

It might seem counter-intuitive to set the Silenced effect on oneself, especially when there are so many powerful spells at the player’s disposal. However, this helmet is powerful on ranged and multi-attack classes, which don’t typically rely on spells. Players can buy the Silent Path from a trader in Kemm’s Mansion in Arx.

17 Band Of Bracchus (Ring) Band of Bracchus Divinity 2 Best Armor

The Band of Bracchus is a strange ring with a particularly useful function. It provides Intelligence and Constitution, as well as a small amount of magic armor. It will also make the character who equips the ring Cursed.

The Cursed effect reduces many stats and renders the wearer unable to use movement-based abilities. However, the band allows the wearer to travel with no problems through the Gargoyle’s Maze, as it apparently signals that the wearer is Bracchus Rex himself.

16 Cowl Of True Sight (Helmet) Players using the Cowl of True Sight in Divinity Original Sin 2

Cowl of True Sight is a quest-relevant item that players must use if they wish to face off against the Sallow Man. It gives the skill Dispel Illusions, allowing players to reveal the entrance to the assassin’s hideout and take him out once and for all.

For what it’s worth, the Cowl of True Sight also gives a decent bit of magic armor along with an intelligence boost. It’s a great piece of equipment that players can use until they reach Arx.

15 Falone Girt (Amulet) Falone Girt in Divinity Original Sin 2

A Level 18 piece of equipment is bound to be useful for obvious reasons, and such is the case with the Falone Girt amulet. It gives a whopping 347 magic armor, which is pretty impressive as is.

Along with this, it also gives +5 to Intelligence along with a +1 bonus to both Pyromantic and Geomancer. The +10% increase to both Fire and Earth Resistance also helps, and that’s not even mentioning the Geomancer skill Living Wall that players can use too.

14 Ancient Belt (Belt) The Ancient Belt in Divinity Original Sin 2

The accessories that players wear in Divinity: Original Sin 2 are arguably just as important as the main gear. The armor bonuses they give are pretty decent as is, but the real draw comes from the many additional benefits that players can enjoy with this equipment. One such piece of equipment that players can find in Arx is the Ancient Belt, which provides a decent 142 boost to a person’s physical armor.

Along with this, it provides a 10% boost to fire, water, earth, air, and poison resistance, which is always welcome. Along with all of this, the Ancient Belt also lets players restore their vitality if they’re in a bind, with the effectiveness of this move scaling with a character’s Hydrosophist skill.

13 Last One Standing (Belt) Divinity Original Sin 2 Arx

It’s rare enough for equipment to boast an additional skill, but Last One Standing takes it one step further. It lets players use Skin Graft, a powerful Source skill that resets all stat cooldowns and heals certain statuses too.

Couple this with this piece of equipment being Level 19, and it’s easy to see why this belt is so useful for warriors in the game. It’s a highly effective piece of equipment that will let characters tank through more hits with ease.

12 Shadow Prince’s Signet (Ring) Shadow Prince’s Signet Divinity 2 Best Armor

The Shadow Prince’s Signet boosts Finesse, Wits, and Thievery. It also provides another skill that just about every class can make use of — the Chameleon Cloak. This ability renders the user invisible for three turns. During this time, the caster cannot attack or cast any ability or else they will break their invisibility.

This skill lets close-up and sneaky party members use their full potential as stealth burst damage dealers without players having to invest any points into the Polymorph skill. Divinity Original Sin 2 armor pieces that give characters abilities not normally available to them tend to be must-haves for the dynamic player.

11 Sallow Chainmail The Sallow Man in Divinity Original Sin 2

After defeating the Sallow Man, players can get his chainmail and use it to great effect. It’s a powerful piece of equipment that rogue characters will have a great time with, especially with one of its passives reflecting 20% of melee damage as poison damage!

The great bonuses and the Poisonous Skin skill are great bonuses for a piece of armor that players should keep on their roguish character as long as possible. Arx’s difficulty curve means that players may have a hard time carrying this equipment to the very end, but that doesn’t negate the usefulness of this armor in the slightest.

10 Nazad Hunola (Chest Armor) Nazad Hunola Divinity 2 Best Armor

Nazad Hunola provides a lot of upgrades to its wearer. It gives bonuses to Finesse, Intelligence, fire and water resistance, the Huntsman and Scoundrel skills, movement, and HP. It even reflects melee damage back to enemies.

It’s an extremely powerful chest piece for ranged classes thanks to its stat boosts, as well as melee tanks for its resistance, reflect, and HP bonuses. Players can find this piece in an ornate chest in Arx.

9 The Faithful Set How to get the Faithful Set in Divinity Original Sin 2

Hunting down all the pieces of the Faithful Set can be quite a chore but is well worth the time investment. After all, doing so ensures that players can let one of their characters enjoy the Blessed status permanently, which is pretty useful given that a Source point is usually required to inflict the same onto a player.

Hunting down the pieces of this set all over Arx is pretty satisfying, with each piece of equipment offering an amazing bonus to the player. It may only be useful for a few hours, but taking this course of action is well worth it just for players to enjoy one of the best Divinity 2 armor sets that mages or other such high-intelligence characters can use to great effect.

8 Knight Of Duna’s Helm The Watcher Knight of Dunas Helm Divinity 2 Best Armor

The Knight of Duna’s helm is one of the best helmets a player can find in the mid-late game. Though it doesn’t grant its wielder any specific abilities, it does give a massive amount of Physical Armor for a helmet. It also boosts Strength, Constitution, Warfare, and earth resistance considerably.

It’s a must-get for melee party members, thanks to its impressive armor totals and its impressive stat boosts related to close combat. This helmet can be found in the quest The Water’s Mercy in the Temple of Duna on Nameless Isle.

7 Vo Charlen (Helmet) Vo Charlen Divinity 2 Best Armor

Vo Charlen, like the Nazad Hunola, grants its user a number of boosts and effects. These include immunity to both Charmed and Terrified effects from enemies. It also boosts Finesse, Constitution, Wits, Huntsman, and Sneaking, as well as an additional 20% resistance to Water and +234 HP.

It’s easily the best helmet piece for a close-combat Rogue or Shadowblade at level 18 since it improves traditional thief skills and enhances defenses and health totals. Players can find it in a basement chest in Alchemist Dorian Gall’s house in Arx.

6 Emrach (Chest Armor) Emrach Divinity 2 Best Armor

Emrach is a unique piece of chest armor and a must-have for close-combat big boys in any party. It gives bonuses to Strength, Constitution, Two-Handed, and Retribution. It also boasts earth and water resistance and a little bit of a movement buff.

At level 13, it’s the best chest piece a Knight or a Fighter could hope for, especially considering its 307 physical armor total. Players can buy it from Basatan in the Demon Camp on Bloodmoon Island.

5 Kvyn’s Set Kvyn's Set in Divinity Original Sin 2

During the quest “Prison of the Doctor,” players will explore a basement that eventually leads to two armor sets that players have to choose from. These are the Kvyn and Lord Ruaney armor sets, both of which are extremely useful in their own right… which is why this choice can be agonizingly difficult for some players.

However, many people consider Kvyn’s Set to be the superior one. Not only is the player treated to three pieces of armor instead of the two from Lord Ruaney’s set, but it also sets Wings permanently on the character lucky enough to wear this armor. It helps that the Ruaney set features a permanent casting of Erratic Wisp, which may be more trouble than it’s worth.

4 Kallisteis (Boots) Kallisteis in Divinity Original Sin 2

Status effects are the bane of most players’ existence in Divinity: Original Sin 2. These effects can completely ruin a player’s game plan as enemies gang up on party members before whooping them to kingdom come in no time at all. This makes it important to wear equipment that renders most characters immune to certain status effects, which can be pretty helpful for obvious reasons.

This is precisely what makes the Kallisteis one of the best boots in the entire game. The stat and ability boosts offered by this piece of equipment are already pretty incredible in their own right, but what really makes these shoes a must-have for most melee-oriented characters is the fact that it gives the character immunity to Knocked Down, Crippled, and Slowed, which is incredibly useful in a high-octane fight where a single misstep can have dire consequences.

3 Dora Rav (Chest Armor) Dora Rav Divinity 2 Best Armor

Dora Rav boasts a staggering 1305 physical armor and incredible bonuses to Strength, Finesse, Constitution, Warfare, and even Polymorph. It’s a fantastic chest piece for a strength-finesse hybrid class, like the Wayfarer or Ranger.

Dora Rav is unfortunately found near the very end of the game, near Lucian’s Tomb in the Death Room. However, players can use it while going back to finish the rest of the game’s extensive content.

2 Ruvola (Chest Armor) Ruvola Divinity 2 Best Armor

Many players consider Ruvola to be the most powerful piece of chest armor in the game. It provides Intelligence, Constitution, and Wits, as well as resistance to all four elements and a huge HP boost. Ruvola also reflects melee damage and even gives a boost to Summoning, making it one of the best armor pieces in Divinity 2 for the best class in the game, the Summoner class.

Ruvola is also extremely useful for just about any other ranged magic class, thanks to its huge boosts and over 1000 magic armor totals. It can be found in Kemm’s Vault alongside a powerful two-handed weapon, behind a secret room.

1 The Four Relics of Rivellon Divinity Original Sin 2 Unique Armor Four Relics of Rivellon

The Four Relics of Rivellon are four pieces of armor added in a Gift Bag DLC that are all tied to new storylines and areas in the base game. The four relics include the Captain Armor, the Vulture Armor, the Contamination Armor, and the Devourer Armor.

There are extensive quests associated with each piece, and it can take hours to hunt down each of these Divinity 2 unique armor sets. Acquiring them is a huge boost to character power, thanks to their unique abilities and huge stat boosts. They can be found as early as level 4.

The Captain Armor Set

The Captain Armor set is found through the Threads of a Curse questline in Fort Joy. Players will find a skeletal arm on the beach, which always points to a specific location even when picked up and placed down in another spot. At that spot is a cursed chest. Use Bless on this chest to reveal Captain Zapor, and the quest continues from there to eventually lead the player to the armor itself.

The Captain Armor boosts Lucky, Charm, Persuasion, and Bartering, as well as some minor other stat boosts. It closely resembles the classic look of a pirate captain’s attire.

The Vulture Armor Set

The Vulture Armor set is found through the Keep Calm and Carrion questline in Fort Joy, though it isn’t a good one for low-level players to take on as many enemies are of a very high level. The quest line takes players through multiple acts but can be started in Act 1 by reading a book on Dwarven Customs in Fort Joy.

It’s an amazing set for ranged characters thanks to its immunity to Blind, extra range on ranged attacks, a permanently granted ability to Fly, and a variety of other attributes. It’s a must-have for Wayfarers and Rangers.

The Contamination Armor Set

The Contamination Armor Set is found through the Seed of Power questline that, like the other Relics of Rivellon, starts in Fort Joy. This one can be started as early as level 4 and starts with the player discovering a new shipwreck at Turtle Beach.

The Contamination Armor boosts Geomancer, Poison Resistance, Intelligence, and Constitution, and grants several unique abilities. Characters with the complete set become immune to being knocked down or teleported. They also gain the Rooting Corruption skill, which causes the character to bleed poison and automatically retaliate against physical attackers.

The Devourer Armor Set

The Devourer Armor Set is found through the A Hunger from Beyond questline, which takes players across the world of Rivellon across multiple acts. At the Gargoyle’s Maze in Fort Joy, players will find a note on a dead adventurer’s corpse, which will initiate the lengthy side quest. Unlike other sets, the Devourer Armor set is found piece by piece across several areas rather than all in one place.

The set grants its wearer a massive boost to Strength, Two-Handed, Dual Wielding, Initiative, and Critical Chance. Additionally, a full set gives its wearer the Onslaught skill and the Devourer’s Slumber ability, which marks an enemy for death on entering combat. It has massive armor and magic armor stats, as well as the Deathleech and Picture of Health abilities, making it a must-have for physical damage-based characters.

Divinity: Original Sin 2is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and the Apple App Store.

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