DJ Nene attracts attention with streetwear

DJ Nene attracts attention with streetwear

Tuesday, May 25, 2021 03:21 AM (GMT+7)

It is known that this beautiful girl is a famous social media DJ with a large following.

DJ Nene attracts attention with streetwear - 1

DJ Nene is sexy with an off-the-shoulder shirt, her white skin is more eye-catching.

Summer is the time for girls to freely choose short dresses down the street. Depending on the fashion personality of each person, there are different ways of wearing, from feminine to personality or sexy. Recently, on the social networking site, the image of a female DJ from Saigon attracted attention with her streetwear at night at Anh Sao Bridge.

Accordingly, she wears a white set of clothes, a bra that reveals pink underwear inside. The dark pink handbag creates an attractive highlight for the overall outfit. Although she wears a cap that covers her face, just by looking at the way this girl’s personality is dressed, netizens confirm that she is beautiful and has taste.

Her liberal way of dressing attracts the attention of viewers. The semi-closed and half-open fashion style is always a factor that creates a strong sensuality for the opposite sex.

It is known that this girl is DJ Nene whose real name is Trieu Thu Tuyen. She was born in 1997 and currently lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City.

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Despite promoting the style of showing off her underwear, she was praised by many people.

DJ Nene attracts attention with streetwear - 4

Her rare image when wearing a swimsuit, showing off her well-proportioned figure.

DJ Nene attracts attention with streetwear - 5

Nene’s street fashion style, like many other young girls, chooses basic but strong and sexy items.

DJ Nene attracts attention with streetwear - 6

Super short shorts or crop tops, sports shoes … are always the basic formula that young people love today. Female DJs are like a familiar fashion model that just go to the street, you will see everyone promoting the same style.

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Outfit young, healthy and flattering shape always won the hearts of many girls. Besides, these options, although simple, bring high aesthetics. In addition to the design, the material is also quite familiar such as jeans, cotton shirt, chiffon … materials that help cool the body effectively on hot days. The price is also affordable, especially the girls who always follow fashion trends through each season.

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In recent years, tennis skirts or camisoles are also familiar items in every young girl’s wardrobe. Not only bring femininity to the wearer, but these items help to effectively enhance the figure without showing it off.

Summer fashion is usually short clothes, pleasing to the eye, and cooling the body. However, skirts that are too short can bring many unpredictable harms, making people wear indiscriminately in crowded places. Especially with hot pant shorts, which do not cover the body enough, making it bad in public. This is a design that was once considered a street criminal and was harshly condemned.

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Wearing a short skirt, the girl innocently sat cross-legged in public, and netizens passed on indiscreet pictures. This is a concrete example from wearing clothes that are too short, leading to serious consequences. Wearing clothes that are too tight or too short makes us uncomfortable while moving.

DJ Nene attracts attention with streetwear - 10

Choosing inappropriate clothes also affects emotions and relationships between you and your loved ones.


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