DJ Ny Saki’s first round dress style

DJ Ny Saki’s first round dress style

Saturday, May 29, 2021 00:49 AM (GMT+7)

Possessing a hot body helps her comfortably promote many impressive fashion styles.

DJ Ny Saki's first round style - 1

Ny Saki showed off her full bust with a low-cut dress.

Ny Saki is one of the young artists with a large following on social networking sites. She is known for her role as DJ, model and actress in Ghien Mi Go. Along with Phi Huyen Trang, Menaa Thao My, Bao Tran Pinky… she is also one of the “saints” of Mi Go.

Not only beautiful and sexy, the beauty born in 1995 in Vinh Long also received many compliments from fans. She pursues a feminine, seductive image. Not only that, thanks to her youthful beauty, Ny Saki also successfully transformed into many different characters, including the image of a high school girl who made a strong impression on the audience.

DJ Ny Saki's first round style - 3

The beauty of Vinh Long countryside turned into a schoolgirl for a short film.

Ny Saki attracts thanks to the short films she participates in. However, the audience was more surprised when they saw the sexy dress moments on her personal page. This dizzying change in image makes many people excited. Because she is so beautiful, she is asked to marry by male fans, and female fans ask her to be sexy and young.

In everyday life, she often chooses dresses that flatter her figure, and her strength is a full circle. Whether it’s a cup dress, off-the-shoulder or a pre-molded bra… are often chosen by Ny Saki to wear.

Compared to many other DJs, they tend to choose healthier and more active outfits, but with Ny Saki it’s the opposite. Perhaps thanks to her fashion personality unlike the majority, she is remembered and adored by many people.

DJ Ny Saki's first round style - 4

Her beautiful and feminine beauty creates sympathy for the viewer at first sight. With a gentle face and gentle beauty, perhaps Ny Saki understands which fashion style suits her best.

DJ Ny Saki's first round style - 5

The balanced body and smooth white skin add to the attractiveness of female DJs. In the design of the nude dress as thin as smoke, the white skin and the color of the outfit seem to blend into one, attracting the viewer.

DJ Ny Saki's first round style - 6

One of Ny Saki’s outstanding fashion personalities is her passion for white clothing. White is a basic color and never goes out of style. White helps the wearer look youthful and flattering, and there are many other benefits that make it a “dominant” color in the fashion industry.

DJ Ny Saki's first round style - 7

Dresses for parties or outings are her priority to choose white first. White clothes are never lacking in everyone’s wardrobe. Moreover, for women, they all enjoy having sparkling pictures posted on their personal pages, white clothes are the first choice for every girl.

DJ Ny Saki's first round style - 8

Another reason why white in fashion is always popular, creating attraction is that it is easy to combine with many different outfits.


Swan fills her free time at home with impressive fashion shoots.


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