Do My Linh wears a sexy bib-inspired dress

Do My Linh wears a sexy bib-inspired dress

Sunday, March 21, 2021 10:35 AM (GMT+7)

Do My Linh shows off her delicate sensuality in a feminine and equally sexy design.

Do My Linh shows off her feminine sensuality in the design of a camisole dress.

Recently, Miss Vietnam 2016 Do My Linh posted a short video on her personal page that attracted the attention of netizens. The video currently has more than 30,000 views along with some rave reviews. “A masterpiece of worldly beauty”, “so beautiful”, “Excellent, Miss”,… – some people are not good at writing.

The back girl designed a layered silk dress with a graceful spread. Especially, the upper body is styled with a camisole to reveal the sexy bare ribs and back. To wear this outfit beautifully, Do My Linh chose to wear no underwear to show off her half-closed and half-open beauty.

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Do My Linh chose the design of a camisole dress with a spreading shape that accentuates the feminine beauty.

The neck shape captivates the beauty

Inspired by the camisole of ancient women, skirts and blouses with a neck tie design to reveal shoulders, ribs as well as back are very popular with beauties. Not only does it enhance feminine lines, but it is also elegant and luxurious. Therefore, this traditional – modern combination is quite appreciated. Designers can gently cut the cut just enough to expose the shoulders or be bolder when letting the outfit fall, revealing the first round.

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The design of the camisole is a combination of traditional and modern.

Moreover, the design of the camisole can be suitable for many skirt shapes from flowing dresses, body-hugging dresses or spreading dresses. Depending on the style, girls can choose the most suitable outfit for themselves. In addition, it is also seen that the camisole design is popular in both casual wear, it is not necessary to go to lavish parties for women to wear the above figure.

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There are many variations with collared costumes suitable for different situations.

How to wear a camisole?

Women need to pay attention to the problem of lingerie because of the somewhat “dangerous” design features of the camisole. No one wants to see “open” bra straps dragging down the girls’ muse image. Considering the deep or shallow cut neckline, women should find the corresponding bra. You can choose a strapless bra or use an inner strap with a neckline that isn’t too revealing.

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It is necessary to consider the issue of underwear when choosing clothes with a camisole design.

As for bold outfits, the nipple patch is more possible. This “small but mighty” accessory helps women to be discreet without spoiling the sexiness of the outfit.

Therefore, it does not look “protective”, but in fact, the beauties are still careful to keep themselves beautiful and delicate. In addition, there are also some cases where they are ready to “let loose” but the wearer must cleverly choose a patterned outfit or a styled upper body capable of effectively shielding.

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No one wants to see bra straps exposed.


Luong Thuy Linh is becoming more and more perfect in image, not only in appearance but also in body.


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