April 19, 2021

Download AMONG US SONG “I Don’t Trust My Friends” Song

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Among Us song “I Don’t Trust My Friends” by TryHardNinja.
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Impostors are among us…

Video Credits:

TryHardNinja – singer, songwriter, lyrics

Not a Robot – music production, songwriter

Coda – visuals, typography

Inspired by Among Us game by InnerSloth

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Hey guys, I’m TryHardNinja the video game singer. I’m a singer songwriter that makes songs about video games! Everything from Minecraft songs, to Five Nights at Freddy’s songs, to even Undertale and Call of Duty songs. I make them all. Click the subscribe button above and you will be notified when I post new music videos! I get asked a lot if it’s ok to use my music in videos. For the complete answer please refer to my music usage terms on my website at http://tryhardninja.com/MusicUsageTerms. If you’re looking for gameplay, I post playthroughs / gameplays / walkthroughs on my gaming channel GamingAwesomeYT.

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